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    Canyon CTF Zone

    Way back in 2.0 I made a map that was considered "a little bad" and people didn't seem to like it, so 10 years later I decided to remake it and update it to better fit the current design standard of SRB2. ------------- I welcome you to Canyon CTF Zone Act 2! It's a large map with a few...
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    Eggmanfan's Work in Progress levels

    Hey guys, remember me? I'm still making bad levels and here's where you can see some screen shots. Canyon CTF Zone Act 2 You thought it was gone and dead but it's back A smart man would have taken these inside of CTF mode I am pretty much finished I just need...
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    Thok Barrier is being an idiot...

    So I was making a map for a level pack I'm starting... and the Thok Barrier keeps doing this They are both the same sector, and tagged with the same FOF and if I move the one to the left to fix it, the right one messes up, it's getting very annoying, and the worst part is that it continues...
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    Hello everypony here, is my first wad in a long time (Almost 2 years) it's called stone palace It is a level based around exploration and platforming (Lots and lots of platforming). I made it alot more open then my other levels. It also has a knuckles only route ( He has to follow that...
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    Blue Spheres

    Does anyone know how to make Blue Spheres act like rings? I want to use them in a special stage. But when I collected them, Nothing happened.
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    Computer help

    The inside cords of my computer keep coming unplugged(No one's doing it). Does anyone now a way to fix this?
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    Egg rock zone act 3 gametype?

    Just a quick question? What does the ERZ3 Gametype do?
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    Srb2 music from other games

    I looked through other sonic games soundtracks and saw Srb2 used some notes and beats from them. Does anybody have a full list of the tracks that were "borrowed".
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    SadxLvl Problem

    ((I don't know if this belongs here or Video games)) Alright, I run sadxlvl and it works fine with chao gardens but not anything else. Does anyone know why? (Sadxlvl is a level editing program for Sonic adventure Dx). I did not modify anything.
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    I am not trying to beat around the bush so I want a few songs that wren't on the soundtrack. If anyone has them please upload them. First the match test zone theme. second the srb songs and lastly Zim's base theme.
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    Mario paint composer

    A fan made game based off of Mario Paint, you can find it at Post any music you remade or composed here.
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    Srb2 Halloween

    This mod basically takes srb2 and changes it to act like the old halloween mode in Srb2JTE so far I only have these maps done Map 01: Dead Flower Zone Act 1 It has no major altercations to GFZ except the textures and things Map02: Dead Flower Zone Act 2 This one is the second act right...
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    MT_Eggmanfan Shrine

    This a level I am making it takes up map B0 it is currently under counstruction and still needs alot more.It is castle themed and it has so far 5 rooms: a Dineing room, a center hall room, a throne, a Shrine to myself with a huge ring of fire, and a dungeon. Pictures The center hall room...
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    My exe mod won't work

    I am using Microsoft visual c++ 2008 express editon and I compiled my files and attempted to start running the file but then it said I had 250 errors and 34 warnings I was using mostly of srb2's source code (If not all of it) any help I got the log as well.
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    what C++ compiler or Exe modifactor do you use?

    I am looking for a good C++ compiler program or any exe modifator that can edit srb2 name the ones you use. (I don't know were this should be put)
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    Srb2 Eggy edition

    Well since I can't post screenshots I can't really prove any work but I'll try The first thing is Charcter Wad Desighn: Extra Values It's a fact these are going to be in there Ringslinger = (1/0) RingThing = (Thing #) (The thing you throw) GodPlayer + (1/0) (The most overpowered player...
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    How do I run my source code edits

    I am making an exe mod and I will like to know how to add my source code edtis to srb2.
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    My polyobject won't spawn

    I made a poly object excatly like the wiki said and it won't work I tried to make it follow waypoints but it did nothing it says Polyobject 10 is empty Bad Polyobject 10 for anchor waypoint Ev_Do_Poly_ObjWaypoint: Bad Polyobj 10 Please help If you need it I will give you the Wad
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    Water end glitch

    I have a level in my srb2 eggmanfan's update mod that if you fall in the water you can't move and it goes to the Sonic got through the act screen. please help. Wad: Fix what you want I just want the part at the begining
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    Any good nodebuilders

    I need a new node builder I don't know witch section this should go in I am using Zennode. Also wich node builder does stjr. use? I need a new one because I have a small level with 215 vertices,254 lindefs,424 sidedefs,61 sectors, and 15 things please help. Also how do you make slipery...