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  1. Sir Thoksalot

    What if you could crouch in SRB2?

    I tried to script crouching, and after a while, I finally pulled it off! ATM only Knuckles (and technically Fang) has crouching sprites. I plan to let the player user their spin ability if they crouch and press jump, but I'm having trouble with that. I will also (ofc) give the other characters...
  2. Sir Thoksalot

    Hyper Sonic's 8-Directional Dash

    Sir Thoksalot submitted a new resource: Hyper Sonic's 8-Directional Dash in SRB2! - I'm surprised no one has done this yet :P Read more about this resource...
  3. Sir Thoksalot

    Custom Monitor Icons like the Life icon using the players SPR2_LIFE sprite?

    Could I possibly have a speed shoes icon on the speed shoes monitor like how the life icon does with the players SPR2_LIFE sprite?
  4. Sir Thoksalot

    Lua Help

    How do you make a tails followitem?
  5. Sir Thoksalot

    Help with Super Tails' followitem

    Correct me if I'm wrong but, I think Tails' tails are unchangeable with the S_SUPER marker. So is there any possible workaround?
  6. Sir Thoksalot

    Lua scripting help

    I attempted scripting mach-speed animations. It makes the players state "S_PLAY_DASH" when they're at 60 FRACUNITS. But the player stays in the DASH state despite not being at the required speed until the player jumps or uses one of their abilities addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in...
  7. Sir Thoksalot

    Anyway to modify Knuckles' climbing nuke thing?

    Is there any way to modify Knuckles' nuke thing with Lua scripts?
  8. Sir Thoksalot

    Mighty and Ray ability thread

    I can't think of any abilities I can give Mighty. I also can't think of an ability for Ray's super form. Any ideas?
  9. Sir Thoksalot

    The releases and editing system

    If you were to submit an addon but it gets rejected because it doesn't compile with the judging rules, would you only be able to post it in Editing or not be able to post it at all?
  10. Sir Thoksalot

    Making a character break Spikes?

    I'm working on a Super Knuckles wad and I want to have Knuckles break spikes when he walks into them. How would I go about doing this?
  11. Sir Thoksalot

    7th chaos emerald "Super" text

    So you know how if you complete the 7th special stage it says "[Name here] can now become Super [Name here] Is there any way I can have it say something else? Kind of like it saying "Burning Blaze" instead of "Super Blaze"
  12. Sir Thoksalot

    Sprite modding custom characters

    (I know this is kind of a dumb question but, I just need make sure) If you wanted to make a sprite mod for a custom character in releases, would you have to ask the original uploader first? If so, where would be the best place to post it? Ex. Miscellaneous in releases, Editing