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  1. Tried Blupi

    Boxy Knuckles leak?

    I saw this image of Boxy Knuckles (By Chrispy) and I am wondering why is Boxy Knuckles Leaked?
  2. Tried Blupi

    How do I change the message board theme?

    I not a fan on this new one. How do I switch it back? EDIT: NEVER MIND! I FOUND A SOLUTION!
  3. Tried Blupi

    3 questions

    1: Where can I download the srb2 levels? Like where can I find Green Flower Zone, etc. 2: How do I port the srb2 2.2 levels in srb2 2.1 3: I'm bad on the controls at srb2 android. I'm good controlling them on PC, but not on android.
  4. Tried Blupi

    How to I port SRB2 levels to SRB2Kart?

    I was looking at a few pictures on SRB2 Cursed Images, and I saw one image that ported Green Flower Zone Act 2 in SRB2. Can I do this? Here is the image,
  5. Tried Blupi

    3rd player stuck on joining on a SRB2Kart local server

    If your wondering, I'm doing this 100% local, not some app that can play with friends far away. But I can't join. When a 3rd player joined the server, the player can't join when pressing the join button. Any fix? The host (first player) and the second player can join. I waited for a while, and...
  6. Tried Blupi

    How do I put multiple addons on 1 pk3?

    I need help on this. I tried, but failed. So I put time in a pk3 (with a folder inside), but it didn't work. help?
  7. Tried Blupi

    SLADE Error

    I downloaded a repack, and it didn't work. So I tried opening it with SLADE, and gave me a error (image below), any fix?
  8. Tried Blupi

    MIDI music uses different soundfont.

    The MIDI music uses a different soundfont and not the default windows one! I have no idea what happened. I listened to other MIDI's, and they used the windows soundfont. I even tried to change the soundfont, and it didn't work. EDIT: Now Closed because I fixed it.