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  1. Root

    Root's Riveting Roundup of Stuff

    It's about time I made my own editing thread. Most of the stuff I make will be random Lua experiments. First off is this (Spoilered cause gif): I've also been working on improved graphics (Cards and Field Tiles) for Tripel's 100% Orange Juice mod.
  2. Root

    Dash Cats

    Dash Cats is a game me and Yacker made. It's like Freedom Planet but with more Sonic-like physics. (It's also what my OLDC level Autumn Valley came from) The demo is downloadable at SAGE. Trailer Screenshots: Please play it and give feedback. (Also i'm not sure if this counts in the "No...
  3. Root

    [Level Pack] Mr. Triangle 3D: Xmas Demo

    UPDATE:Emergency bugfix. Level design not changed. This is the first demo of my level pack, Mr. Triangle 3D. The first zone has gotten numerous improvements, as well as a remade boss arena. It also has act 1 of the 2nd zone, Mechaflower. It also features an unlockable (Still no custom...
  4. Root

    Fixed Texturing errors in THZ1

    I was in a netgame, and the host found some texturing errors. In one of the screenshots, there isn't a grass trim on one of the linedefs. And, in different parts of the level, there are two of the same machine, but the ceiling textures are different.
  5. Root

    Character WAD error

    I am trying to make a character wad, I've got the S_SKIN, OBJCTCFG and 3 of the animations in the wad, but when i run SRB2 with the wad, it has an error message that says, "R_AddSingleSpriteDef: No patches found for MRTRA1 frame D" How can i fix this?
  6. Root

    Green Valley Zone (Version 2)

    This is the first zone of the mod i am making, Mr Triangle 3D. Note:No sprites or characters have been made for the mod yet, so this is just the level.
  7. Root

    Different levels for Different characters?

    I want to have 2 characters in my mod, but have different starting levels for each character. How can i make one character start in a certain level when selected?
  8. Root

    Does anyone have all of Tails' sprites?

    Has anyone ever ripped all of tail's sprites from SRB2? I need a folder with all of them for a wad i am making. (I cannot figure out how to rip all sprites from tails.plr.)
  9. Root

    Mr Triangle 3D

    I have been making an SRB2 mod called "Mr Triangle 3D" (I'll tell you why it's called that in a minute.) Since December 2011, That is going to have my "Totally-Original" character "Mr Triangle" in it. It will have 7 zone's in it (Excluding a one-act Zone that is after The 2nd Zone.). Story of...
  10. Root


    What are you guys on the forum going as for Halloween? (If you are wearing a Halloween Costume.) I'm being Quote from Cave Story. Also discuss Other Halloween things if you like.
  11. Root

    A Plushie I made last night.

    I made a plushie of My video game character, Mr Triangle (How original) last night, with some help from my mom. Here are picture's of a prototype version from 2011. (This prototype doesn't have any Arms or legs.): Do you guys like it?
  12. Root

    Fake slope Problem

    I'm trying to use Convert to stairs on SRB2DB so i dont have to take 10 minutes to make a fake slope in my map, but it has "Run Time error 457 - This key is already associated with an element of this collection." How do i fix it?
  13. Root

    Really need help.

    I was finishing act 1 of a green hill zone wad i was making, and it messed itself up and made a "Hall of mirrors". Could someone help?
  14. Root

    Help with gamepad?

    I have an x-kim GPTL-00C model gamepad. I have the controls (moving back, forward, etc.), but I can't get the jumping to work right. Which axis should I choose? Should I choose the axis for nfiring or firing? Also, the buttons on my pad are 1, 2, 3, 4, arrow buttons, 9, 10 (start buttons, I...
  15. Root

    Hosting a game

    I'm hosting a game on the casual server. Can you guys join it? (I'm trying to make time go by fast.) (Also sorry if advertising is against the rules - I haven't read the rules in, like, 3 months.)
  16. Root

    SRB2 Master server help

    please dont ban or give me an infraction for this post because of bad english.i downloaded srb2 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 patch and clicked browse and chose my srb2 folder and i clicked install and yes to all and 2 do i choose if i use casual room or standard room 2. when i try to connect it...
  17. Root

    im making my first character wad but...

    I saved my character wad thats not done yet but theres 2 problems 1.i put sprites in but i cant see them. 2.i cant move but i can move by spindashing. Please help!also if this is not supposed to not be in editing move it to the discussion about editing errors
  18. Root

    Work In Progress Minemaze Version2

    I Made A New Version Of Minemaze This One Has Three Levels.Level 1(Inside The Maze)Level 2(The Exit)Level 3(Out Of The Maze) Don't evade releases
  19. Root

    my new match level

    It's Called minemaze The Level Is Really Glitchy.Here's The Download Please do not evade the releases system.