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  1. Tried Blupi

    [Character] Blupi

    Link Broke
  2. Tried Blupi

    Addons folder missing

    I may help you because I have a Mac OS Virtual Machine, though I haven't SRB2 installed it yet. I will bring up a follow-up question by tomorrow.
  3. Tried Blupi

    guess who was the VERY first thomas and friends charecter was first created by the rev w adry?

    Haven't watched it in a while, but I'm pretty sure Thomas was NOT the very first character.
  4. Tried Blupi

    [Reusable] VPhysics - Insert Funni thing here - v2.3

    Where do I download it? There is no download button?
  5. Tried Blupi

    What You Liked About 2.1 before 2.2 Released in Early December of 2019

    I haven't played SRB2 until late-2020, though I have seen SRB2 2.1 before back in 2018 or 2019. I do remember that it looked beautiful at the time, but it looks kinda "less" beautiful than it was back then.
  6. Tried Blupi

    Are there Zelda mods for SRB2?

    Did not work, and your screen looks different than mines. Any fix?
  7. Tried Blupi

    Spawning bots?

    There is BuddyEX, which uses the "addbot" command:
  8. Tried Blupi

    [Reusable] Gan's Model Pack 1.3.5

    How do I set this up? EDIT: NVM, GOT IT WORKING 1616203411 If you want to add models, I recommend reading this:
  9. Tried Blupi

    Boxy Knuckles leak?

    I saw this image of Boxy Knuckles (By Chrispy) and I am wondering why is Boxy Knuckles Leaked?
  10. Tried Blupi

    How do I change the message board theme?

    I not a fan on this new one. How do I switch it back? EDIT: NEVER MIND! I FOUND A SOLUTION!
  11. Tried Blupi

    [Reusable] SSN Metal Sonic

    This is the first srb2 2.2 mod, I LIKE IT! I like the sprite for SSN Metal sonic anyway.
  12. Tried Blupi

    3 questions

    1: Where can I download the srb2 levels? Like where can I find Green Flower Zone, etc. 2: How do I port the srb2 2.2 levels in srb2 2.1 3: I'm bad on the controls at srb2 android. I'm good controlling them on PC, but not on android.
  13. Tried Blupi

    How to I port SRB2 levels to SRB2Kart?

    I was looking at a few pictures on SRB2 Cursed Images, and I saw one image that ported Green Flower Zone Act 2 in SRB2. Can I do this? Here is the image,
  14. Tried Blupi

    3rd player stuck on joining on a SRB2Kart local server

    If your wondering, I'm doing this 100% local, not some app that can play with friends far away. But I can't join. When a 3rd player joined the server, the player can't join when pressing the join button. Any fix? The host (first player) and the second player can join. I waited for a while, and...
  15. Tried Blupi

    How do I put multiple addons on 1 pk3?

    I need help on this. I tried, but failed. So I put time in a pk3 (with a folder inside), but it didn't work. help?
  16. Tried Blupi

    SLADE Error

    I downloaded a repack, and it didn't work. So I tried opening it with SLADE, and gave me a error (image below), any fix?
  17. Tried Blupi

    MIDI music uses different soundfont.

    The MIDI music uses a different soundfont and not the default windows one! I have no idea what happened. I listened to other MIDI's, and they used the windows soundfont. I even tried to change the soundfont, and it didn't work. EDIT: Now Closed because I fixed it.