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  1. Charybdizs

    Fixed The Deathly Monitors

    You're having a brush with death itself if you brush up against a monitor on a bobbing FOF floating in the water. Try it out in Icicle Falls.
  2. Charybdizs

    And they did it again! TraceRace: Spaddlewit's new game

    Ever played Mario Party? I should be more specific. Does this minigame look familiar? Crazy Cutters! Hailing from both Mario Party 1 & 2, the object was to test both your speed and agility, in outlining a somewhat irregular shape. The champion of the game was the one who could cut it most...
  3. Charybdizs

    SRB2 Juicebox: A New Minecraft

    The SRB2 Juicebox, our community's very own minecraft server and modpack. Think of it as the child of Furyhunter's server, and the grandchild of Cue's server, before that. One big happy family. Except all the parents are dead. The most significant thing about our modpack, is that it is fitted...
  4. Charybdizs

    Roly Poly Putt

    Suddenly, a suspicious game appears! Hmm, why does this seem so familiar? *scratches chin* I can't place it... But don't worry, gents and ladies. This isn't the copyright infringement on Sonic Team Jr. that we are used to as of late. The game is actually made by our very dear SSNTails, and...
  5. Charybdizs

    Edge of Space

    Terraria, with it's all the good and the bad it brought, really did set a genre. The good, opened up people to a new genre, and the bad, it gave them inspiration to take the good and do a better job with it. In the past few months, games that take inspiration from the ideas of Terraria been...
  6. Charybdizs

    Continuously Falling Sector Displacement

    I've started work on a kart map recently. Rainbow Road, to be exact. And as everyone knows, Rainbow Road needs magical rainbow lifts! I've got a setup for a very magical one, if I do say so myself.Basically, my plan is to have bands of color shooting upwards inside it, using the Continuously...
  7. Charybdizs

    To all the musically oriented people here

    Once every year, on VGMusic, the most amazing music contest ever is held. It is called the SPC. Unacronymed, the Sample Pack Contest. And seeing as there are a few musicians in this community, I thought I'd call their attention to it. I'll give a simple rundown of what it is, and how it works...
  8. Charybdizs

    Object Flipping Troubles

    I've been working on a map for the OLDC tomorrow, and I've encountered an annoying problem. I need flags and player starts to be on the ceiling. I used the object flip flag on the flag itself, and I was pleased to see it was working. Until it respawned. You'd think that it'd spawn back on the...
  9. Charybdizs

    Moving FOF's

    After seeing all the many FOF's that bob up and down at a steady pace, e.g. the crushers in Egg Rock, the water in Sunshine Atoll... I figured all it would take to set one up would be a simple "moving FOF" or something like that. Then I realized there is no such FOF as far as I can find. I think...
  10. Charybdizs

    Quicksand causes LAGFEST

    I'm making a map situated in a swamp. I needed, obviously, some swamp muck. So, I made a big quicksand block over the floor of the one room, and, to my horror, it made the framerate drop like a rock. Is this usual? I kind of NEED the muck there, or it defeats the whole purpose of the level... I...
  11. Charybdizs


    I'm making a Single Player level for the contest, and I need to make it so you can toss rings. I was gonna make it run a script on level load that let you throw them, but, just to test it out, I tried playing the level and typing Ringslinger in the Console. It said, "Ringslinger is set to NO...
  12. Charybdizs

    Borders on FOFs

    Is there any way to put a Middle Texture/Grass Border on an FOF? It would really jazz up some stuff in a level I'm working on, but the Middle Texture space is already on the sides of the FOF.
  13. Charybdizs

    srb2 launcher

    Where do I find a working srb2 launcher? I looked all around the wiki and searched the forum, and I couldn't find anything working, and if there was anything people said DID work, there was never any links... Is there even one? Help would be very appreciated.
  14. Charybdizs

    Splitting sectors

    In my haste to finish up my OLDC entry, I merged the red team base and blue team base into one sector. I didn't realize it until too late, but now I can't make one the red base and one the blue base... It's either one or the other. How can I make these two sectors tied together two separate...
  15. Charybdizs

    Connected Sectors

    I'm working on a CTF map for something, and I'm having this problem where I make a sector, and when I highlight it with the sector tool, it thinks that it is the same as every other sector. If I try giving it properties, every other sector is changed also. Is there any way to stop this? It's...
  16. Charybdizs

    FOF's and more FOF's

    I have a problem. I want to make an FOF, in this case, for a ceiling of a building. Inside that building, I want another FOF to flip the gravity. Is this possible? It seems that if I draw a smaller sector, the tag would have to e changed in order to give the small sector a new effect. When the...
  17. Charybdizs

    Slime Trails and Mirrors

    In the map I'm working on for the OLDC, I somehow managed to get a small slime trail and multiple hall of mirrors. I've checked multiple times, there is definitely no textures missing... Can anyone give me some ways to get rid of them? I'd prefer not to have to show the map, but if I do, I could...
  18. Charybdizs

    Lighting and Colormaps

    I'm working on an entry for the OLDC, and I'm having some problems with making the lighting fade to where a death pit will be. As far as I can tell, I followed all the instructions, unless I misinterpreted something, which I very well may have done... I have the WAD here, so if someone can take...
  19. Charybdizs

    Connecting to Server stop

    I was trying to play Co-op with a friend who was having some trouble getting through SRB2, so I set up a server, and had him join through IP address. He said he typed it in, and it said Connecting to Server, but then it stayed there for 2 minutes straight and finally he hit escape and it exited...
  20. Charybdizs

    Whats with the Mystic Realm

    So everyone's always talking about how they want to play it, or that they're making a port of it. What's the big deal? I mean, maybe I found something that other people didn't, but I played a couple of days ago, in 2.0. I can't remember where I found it, but I'm sure I could find it again! Am I...