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  1. VGBoy

    My Votes for Autumn OLDC '20

    1. Foliage Furnace Zone by Kanna/Kwiin 2. Knothole Coast by Apollyon 3. Gate Garden Zone by Ruberjig 4. Shadow of Aztlán Zone by akirahedgehog 5. Fatal Factory Zone by Kuba11 6. Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger 7. Overgrown Heights Zone act 2 by InferNOr 8. Galactic Facility Zone by Mondongo 9...
  2. VGBoy

    My Votes for OLDC

    First: Snowflake Ridge Second: Rustic Templar Third: Aqua Paradise Shadow of Atlantis Metallic Madness Wild West Overgrown Heights Oasis Palace Concordian Coast Hectic Harbor Magma Falls Wasteland Wilds Cluttered Cavern Heroes Hall Cyan Heights Crystal Cave Anteggtica Valley Falls HyperTower
  3. VGBoy

    VGBoy's Work-in-Progress Place

    A dumping ground of sorts for stuff I've been working on, mainly for SRB2Kart (and making up for some inactivity). To start off, the finished front views of all the racers I have planned for a character pack. Plus some further progress on a few of the characters. Feel free to drop any...
  4. VGBoy

    [Level Pack] Hype Resort Zone

    Welcome to Hype Resort! A beginner track on an island resort. Drive through the main halls and along the lively coastline. Any feedback design-wise or visual-wise is appreciated.
  5. VGBoy

    [Character] Dark Prince (Puyo Puyo) [V1.1]

    The devilish antagonist of the Puyo Puyo series joins the race! As a rival to Arle, his high speed and weight mirrors her light weight and high acceleration. Voice Clips are from Puyo Puyo Tetris. Stats: Speed/Accel: 6/4 Weight/Handl: 7/3
  6. VGBoy

    [Character] Elec Man (V2.2)

    The shocking Robot Master from Mega Man flashes through! He’s surprisingly light, which helps for getting past tight corners, but his speed could end up making the tightest corners very bumpy. Voice clips are from Mega Man: Powered Up. Stats: Speed/Acceleration: 8/2 Weight/Handling: 4/6