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  1. Felix44

    Interactive Colors

    Felix44 submitted a new resource: Interactive Colors - Colors that change appearance as you do different things Read more about this resource...
  2. Felix44

    Sonic and the Madness Sapphire (Collab project)

    Its me, you probably know me from the..not-released-cause-its-old map pack: BrokenWorld..or you probably just dont know me at all after getting some experience at Team Prismatic I mainly learned one thing: that doing these mods alone is hard, this is why.. this new mod is gonna be a collab...
  3. Felix44

    Sonic and the Broken World

    i am currenlty working in a level pack called "sonic in the broken world" story: afters the events of srb2 eggman finally manages to stole the chaos emeralds and creates the "chaos computer" that is able to modify the entire planet, eggman tries to use it to create "eggman land" but the...