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  1. 742mph

    [Script] Sonic Man X (v1.2) - Get your weapons ready!

    Sonic Man X is a mod that changes SRB2's gameplay to resemble that of Mega Man X. Shoot your way through scaled-up enemies with a chargeable blaster, hunt for permanent armor upgrades, and amass an arsenal of special weapons as you take down each boss in your way! Sonic Man X is best played on...
  2. 742mph

    Can't confirm my email address for my SRB2 Wiki account

    I recently discovered that, though I created my SRB2 Wiki account several years ago, I had never confirmed my email address, so I can't edit pages. I told the wiki to send me a confirmation email, but it's been twelve hours and it hasn't arrived yet. I'm certain my email address is correct, the...
  3. 742mph

    Fixed [2.1.15] player.timeshit is not properly handled by Lua

    Even though player.timeshit is the name of a player field used by SRB2, and the SRB2 Wiki claims it's Lua-compatible, Lua treats it as nil by default and seems to be unable to access the value stored by the game. addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if...
  4. 742mph

    742mph's Miscellaneous Modification Mansion

    Welcome to the general preview thread that I finally made for myself. For now, most of what I post will be updates on one particular project that I was hoping to unveil in the OLDC, but will probably be released normally now that it's on hiatus.
  5. 742mph

    Interacting with permanent data

    Is there any way for a Lua script to interact with data that's preserved between play sessions, such as save and unlockable data, that isn't tied to linedef executors or something else that can only exist in a specific level? If not, is it possible for Lua to automatically modify any given level...
  6. 742mph

    Detecting freeslots

    I'm in need of a way to tell whether the object info at a given position in mobjinfo is a freeslot. I tried assuming that an object type was a freeslot if it has a spawnstate of S_NULL, making exceptions for MT_NULL and MT_OVERLAY. To test the method, I used it to calculate where the first...
  7. 742mph

    Artificially induced spin height problems

    Whenever I send the player into a spin on the ground using Lua, they look like they're spinning normally, but they can't roll through narrow crevices. It's as if the game doesn't really recognize that they're spinning and sets their height to what it would be if they were standing/running. Even...
  8. 742mph

    Air Drill oddity

    There's something funny about how the Air Drill ability's horizontal speed is calculated, because if your character's normalspeed is low enough, it'll actually send you backwards. Setting normalspeed to 25 seems to be an equilibrium point at which you'll fly straight up. EDIT: Actually, it...
  9. 742mph

    [Script] Hover-Spin (v1.0)

    Hover-Spin is a rather simple custom character ability that nonetheless has some interesting applications. Whenever you hold the Jump button in mid-air, an upward force is applied to your character that reduces but doesn't negate the pull of gravity under normal circumstances. Combine it with...
  10. 742mph

    Checking if an object is close to a ledge

    I need a way to check using Lua if an object is teetering on a ledge or sudden drop in sector floor height. I considered using a variant of RedEnchilada's method of checking for blocking walls, but P_TryMove only supports horizontal movement, so it can't be used to check if the space slightly in...
  11. 742mph

    Wall detection in Lua

    Can anyone think of a reliable way to detect whether a wall or solid surface is directly in front of an object using Lua? I've tried using P_CheckPosition with the x/y coordinates shifted slightly ahead of the object, but that doesn't seem to work. Is there some trick to using that function?
  12. 742mph

    [Script] Knuckles' Deadly Floor Challenge (v1.1)

    Knuckles is unique among the three vanilla SRB2 characters in that his special abilities of gliding and climbing walls let him remain off of the ground indefinitely. This allows him to traverse vast distances without once setting foot on a horizontal surface... but are those distances vast...
  13. 742mph

    Shield offset problem

    Shields seem to determine their vertical position relative to the player based on whether the player is jumping/spinning or not, rather than the actual state or animation that the player is in. This may not be considered a bug, but it can still look odd in some cases, especially with custom...
  14. 742mph

    [Character] Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard (v1.1)

    Not making this would just be delaying the inevitable. --- Version 1.1 update changelog: *BASH now behaves a little more like his enemy counterpart. He can't turn or change vertical movement type while dashing, although he can still dash directly up and down, and his previous dash sound...
  15. 742mph

    Fixed Save menus display custom character skin name, not normally displayed name

    See the attached screenshot. The character's name is displayed as just "Sonic" everywhere else, but here he's "Sonic_". EDIT: Looks like the same thing is true with Record Attack.
  16. 742mph

    Fixed Sea Egg dummies don't disappear after defeat sometimes

    For some reason, Eggman's dummies didn't self-destruct/flee/whatever after I defeated him this time.
  17. 742mph

    [Script] Multi-Jump (v1.0)

    A Lua-based custom character ability that I threw together over the course of the last twelve hours. It allows characters to jump higher if they jump immediately after hitting the ground from a previous jump, much like how Mario behaves in many of his recent games. The example script grants...
  18. 742mph

    Fixed CEZ2 button doesn't get pressed down when stood upon

    Found about where the two paths that seperate in the courtyard meet.
  19. 742mph

    SRB2's atmospheric design?

    I understand that how SRB2's levels feel as places isn't a huge factor in their design, especially compared to how they play as challenges, but I think it'd be interesting to discuss nonetheless. By 'atmosphere' here, I mean what kind of general mood or emotions these levels evoke, and what kind...