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  1. Wiralon Prime

    Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models

    Strange... seems like the cosmetic fang hat model seems to not show up, yet everything else is fine, is there something i'm doing wrong here? nonetheless i love the fang model as a whole
  2. Wiralon Prime

    The Sillyfier

  3. Wiralon Prime

    What characters would you like to see modded into SRB2?

    Gamma and his gameplay would be an interesting thing to see, since you instead of just blazing through the levels, you're also going to be on the clock as you rush through them and extending it as you destroy and gun down badniks along the way.
  4. Wiralon Prime

    What old mods do you want to come back?

    i just want to play as omega once more.
  5. Wiralon Prime

    HorizonChars [ v1.0 ] - Milne on Ice: The Musical

    Ok scratch that in every other mode outside pvp wise those problems are applied as well ( even vanilla ones like race for some reason) I just checked and see if it wasn't just chaos mode. 1645905658 It seems like it happens when a game starts with any other mode that you have to manually spawn...
  6. Wiralon Prime

    HorizonChars [ v1.0 ] - Milne on Ice: The Musical

    Just ran into a problem with icyln not being able to toggle her skates in chaos mode as well as her skating not working. With a side of sigsegvs when spawning as her.
  7. Wiralon Prime

    [Script] Team SRB2Kart Racing, a mod based on Team Sonic Racing! (KL_tsrb2kr-v2.pk3)

    Sod if Ik. Bring friends with ya perhaps? That's all I 'now of!
  8. Wiralon Prime

    [Script] Team SRB2Kart Racing, a mod based on Team Sonic Racing! (KL_tsrb2kr-v2.pk3)

    People do but you need to get a group together for it happen much
  9. Wiralon Prime

    Favorite Upcoming Modded SRB2 character? (A take on the "Favorite Modded SRB2 character?" thread by @SabakiSabaku, just because.)

    Most of light dasher's works, Satellite, and that megaman wip I saw a bit while ago
  10. Wiralon Prime

    Favorite Modded SRB2 character?

    Gemma and Milne are my personal favorites by far. You can do so much with those 2!
  11. Wiralon Prime

    Sonia The Hedgehog (cancelled)

    :wonderful:I look forward to her progress continue your work at the pace you like doing.
  12. Wiralon Prime

    Home Sweet Zone

    Here's a little photo i got when i was in a server with this map. lovely place to view at!
  13. Wiralon Prime

    Cosmo the Seedrian (Work in Progress)

    as i as well. this turns to be very promising
  14. Wiralon Prime

    Smash's gang (Spriting characters)

    in the meantime however ill will watch this thread as it has now interest me, however i do hope you rest easy for now
  15. Wiralon Prime

    Fictional characters you'd never want to exist in real life.

    the mirror monsters from kamen rider ryuki. Imagine a threat in a flipped version of your world coming out of reflections to drag you away from your world to eat you at any given time. Thats a hell fucking no out of me!
  16. Wiralon Prime

    what is your favorite food?

    all kinds of chicken! its me favorite meat to chew down on! Afterall its always nice to eat samus' adopted parents
  17. Wiralon Prime

    Mecha Sonic Revamp [BETA]

    i still look foward to see this get updated so i can see more server with our favorite heavy metal crusher bot
  18. Wiralon Prime

    How did you get your Username...

    My name originates from two things. Meteos and XCOM2. the Wiralon part comes from the game Meteos, in where there was a planet named 'Wiral' a planet that was once lush now digitized to the very core, becoming a supercomputer as a result. The aliens that inhabit their home world are called...
  19. Wiralon Prime

    Klasky's SRB2 Stuff

    cannot wait to play as Omegs in 2.2 (even if hes not in a standalone mod yet)
  20. Wiralon Prime

    Random SPB

    cannot wait to see a SPC (Self Propelled Cloaker)