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  1. ajnebs

    [Reusable] TF2 Teleporter (xItemLib)

    Hey everyone, currently developing an update to this after some heavy playtime with my friends. General improvements such as better logic on targeting, fixing momentum. On top of that it's getting some nerfs: Less common overall, my aim is to have it nearly impossible to get until you're very...
  2. ajnebs

    SRB2 Kart Bots? Oh my god! Player Bot Mod

    Where can you find the update?
  3. ajnebs

    [Reusable] TF2 Teleporter (xItemLib)

    P is player and command is the command your function performs (I believe). I think the function has to be formatted like this for xitem to work
  4. ajnebs

    xItemLib (+ Sampler pack)

    think you gotta go in the code and remove them
  5. ajnebs

    [Reusable] TF2 Teleporter (xItemLib)

    ajnebs submitted a new resource: TF2 Teleporter (xItemLib) - Teleporter goin' up Read more about this resource...
  6. ajnebs

    [Reusable] TF2 Teleporter (xItemLib) 1

    Hello everyone! This is my first mod ever, and I'm very excited to share it with you all. Me and my friends got into this game a while ago, and over my winter break I decided to learn how to program the game and make us a custom build. I felt like the game was lacking catch-up items, so i came...
  7. ajnebs


    he's cool!
  8. ajnebs

    [Character] Clobbo The Squid

    He cute
  9. ajnebs

    xItemLib (+ Sampler pack)

    This is some seriously impressive stuff, I'm surprised nobody has released any projects utilizing this yet! Excited for when they do, always felt like this game needed some more items.
  10. ajnebs

    [Reusable] Parry (KL_parry-v1.pk3)

    Hey, so i tried running this mod on my friend's server. It was a fun idea, however, you can spam parry pretty much without issue. A slowdown isn't really a good enough punishment for spamming. I feel like it should lock successful parries out for around 5 - 10 seconds. Try as I might to code...
  11. ajnebs

    [Reusable] Chaos Drives

    Love the new update, one of my favorite mods for sure