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    Ashley's Short Level Pack

    I like that combination of pale grass, grey rocks and glistening water. It's a very appealing contrast!
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    This isn't a necessity. There's a MainCFG setting to remove the Egg Rock from the Evaluation screen and Marathon Run menu, and since before 2.2's introduction of the Ending cutscene, people have been making their own. I take it you're talking about the 06 pack - the creator simply didn't use...
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    2.3 Discussion

    Big wasn't just an April Fools joke, he was a thinly-veiled fictionalisation of the still-secret Fang. Larger purple character with a belt, new gameplay style, his own routes through certain stages... Literally everything in that AFD post was true except for the choice of Big, so if you want to...
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    Team Prismatic (Mystic Realm: Community Edition)

    As one of the original designers of the Bumblebores, they are literally just rethemed, respawning Jettysyn Bombers where the bomb it drops is itself. Like, it literally uses a barely modified version of the Bomber's SOC action to drive its brain. Even if the badnik's visuals are not a core part...
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    What do you like about SRB2?

    SRB2 is a fantastic platform for creativity, both of the development team itself and everyone who loves it. I've talked about this in other contexts, but the generational nature of these sea changes means a real nest egg of talent has been forming for some time, and it's been coming home to...
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    Kart Krew™'s exe mods

    People have already responded to the bulk of your post, so I won't add to that pile, but this line did stand out to me in particular as something that really reflects the disconnect a critic has from the actual production of the work. To you, these maps are content. Fun bursts of...
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Pet Peeves

    The attraction shield found underwater does have a legitimate mechanic that allows you to take advantage of it. Try locating a nearby invincibility monitor and experiment!
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    can srb2 have an indonesian transletion? (sorry for the bad spelling)

    Alternate language support is something that would be ideal to have, but would require rewriting a lot of code and adding a bunch of new graphics in order to have properly swappable strings with ligatures and etc - not to mention add-ons are typically monolingual themselves, and it'd be...
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    Why does super tails not exist in SRB2?

    This isn't fair to Mystic. I hate that I have to defend him but when someone is deemed odious to a community's culture it's important that people remember his character accurately, not turn him into a punching bag for every outstanding slice of beef. He was an individual who grew rotten and...
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    Legacy Stages Discussion

    No rigorous studies have been undertaken on this, but the NiGHTS unlockables definitely have this effect on people.
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    Weird (Secret thing found in the files of Final Demo 1.09.4)

    Hah! I can't listen on mobile, but your partial transcription has brought memories back. Waspinator is a Transformers character with a funny easy to impersonate loser voice, and the Beast Wars cartoon he was from was contemporary with some of SSNTails' and Sonniku's (the "founders" of SRB2)...
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    Why does super tails not exist in SRB2?

    He wasn't particularly cool with Super Metal Sonic, actually. This was something I slipped into player.dta when making several changes to both him and Amy before release, and while it was caught, nobody could conclusively come to a consensus on whether it should stay or go. My intent was to...
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    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

    Very, VERY interesting. Brilliant work, MB team!
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    [Reusable] Score-multiplier sphere flashing (v_maniaspheres-v1.soc) 1

    NiGHTS mode was changed during 2.2's development to be more accurate to the source material, including things like having the chips become yellow when Bonus Time is entered. I noticed this had a similarity to the feature in Sonic Mania where the blue spheres in the special stage would start...
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    [Reusable] Character Diceroll (xl_cdr_v2_0.lua)

    Inspired by Let's Play Together SRB2 with combiring.lua "german", a YouTube series which I love so much even though I can't understand a word of it (and that's with 5 years of German classes...) Randomly selects your character out of all the ones you have accessible, each time the level...
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    Late 2015 DSZ2 remake attempt (vsl_dsz2toast_v1.wad) 1

    I was originally hired into STJr as a level designer; while my cleanup/extensions passes to DSZ1 and ACZ2 were pretty relevant, and Final Demo Zone was ultimately unused in its entirety, this is the only substantial evidence that I could create completely original map design and gimmicks. What...
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    [Reusable] Final Demo Zone (vsl_finaldemo_v1_0.pk3) 1.0

    Final Demo Zone is a technical experiment built during my time as a SRB2 developer, and turned into a unique playable experience. Neo Aerial Garden Zone was an attempt to incorporate all three substantial acts of AGZ (plus minor trimmings) into a single stage. It was hailed as a technical...
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    [Reusable] Sunset Over Chaos v1.1 - Seven Slightly-Tweaked SOCs!

    Oh my god, Draykon, what an absolute treat this is! I did all the 2.2-specific bosswork aside from the most significant changes to GFZ3, so I'm pleased as punch at all of this. Exactly the kind of challenging-but-not-unfair experience I enjoy. Dunno how else to say it, but this is one of the...
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    Dr. Starline v1.2 (Voice Overhaul)

    Oh he's gorgeous. Love me a good Starline. (And on the release day of Bad Guys #2, no less!)
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    Fixed Compact leaderboard not shown when 19 players

    Contact Alam either here or on Discord, he will raise your limit. It's 0 for new users to keep a check on drive space, but if you have actual intent to use it there's no problem.