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  1. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] FangLaff - Upside-Down bugfix

    apparently i didn't use the FF_ANIMATE and the frame flags changed oops uhhh i didn't test this but it should work?
  2. ZackNAttack


    ZackNAttack updated FangLaff with a new update entry: Upside-Down bugfix Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. ZackNAttack


    The legendary artifact makes me think of the Doctor's Red Crystal.
  4. ZackNAttack


    disappointed that the ACZ fight didn't have bee hives outside the train
  5. ZackNAttack

    Clone Fighter Classic

    aww yeah now they no longer take up a skin slot!
  6. ZackNAttack

    Welcome back!

    kept refreshing lol
  7. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] Character Super Themes

    I do not believe there is currently one for 2.2; one can find some unofficial 2.1 ports offsite, however. I myself have a work-in-progress Charmy mod, but I do not have sprites for him (besides a sign post made by somebody I know.)
  8. ZackNAttack

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    \luafiles\client\rush\bsav.dat and esav.dat store the sol emerald flags one has; replace the 0 (or w/e it is) with 127 to have all sol emeralds on a similar note, \luafiles\client\rush\extra.dat stores boat tokens, change it to 99 to have max boat tokens.
  9. ZackNAttack

    SRB2 Uncapped

    any plans for 2.2.10 uncapped x64? game becomes unplayable DSZ onwards x32
  10. ZackNAttack

    About "portlegs" and the MS rules

    So about the pre-Reusable Content rule... I haven't been able to find out when exactly the Reusable Content tag was added. Is it actually listed anywhere?
  11. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] Flying Battery V1

    I'm pretty sure the encore palette is corrupt; not only does it look funky ingame, but looking in SLADE, the encore palette file is not recognized and is the wrong size.
  12. ZackNAttack

    What if we gave Sonic no ability?

    I suppose this isn't unprecedented, considering that in Chaotix, Mighty (who replaced Sonic since they couldn't get Tails done) can walljump. Plus I suppose there could be a restriction that he can only walljump on Knux-climbable walls.
  13. ZackNAttack

    sonic 3d blast / sonic 3d flickies island

    in case thou (or anybody else reading this) didn't know, the lead dev of 3D Blast made a rom hack 3D Blast: Director's Cut
  14. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] More Sound Captions

    😳 will become creepy pasta on september 21st 07:35 EST
  15. ZackNAttack

    Silver The Hedgehog [V2.7]

    SRB2 does not (by default) support custom super themes. Could thou go into a bit more detail by what thou means by "the original Sonic the Hedgehog theme song"?
  16. ZackNAttack

    SRB2 Uncapped

    I don't understand the removal of the 64-bit dll; in my case DSZ1 would play at single-digit framerates except with the 64-bit dll, at which point it actually ran at around normal speed.
  17. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] Character Super Themes - Update 1.2

    + Added support for mods to add their own entries to the superTheme and specialTheme tables. * Super themes no longer appear as empty themes in the sound test. Turns out I didn't understand what should and what shouldn't be freeslotted.
  18. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] Character Super Themes

    ZackNAttack updated Character Super Themes with a new update entry: Update 1.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. ZackNAttack

    [Reusable] Character Super Themes

    mod support is a great idea; making an update to this rn.
  20. ZackNAttack

    Charmy Bee

    Took thy suggestions; dries for 16 seconds (to match with his max flight time), removed the walk sfx, decreased vertical flight speed by 25%.