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  1. ShoukerX

    Saturn Dreams model pack

    I am having a problem that some have already mentioned in the reviews that when adding the files a file compression error appears but I must add that at least the error only happens to me with the new models or the tweaked ones.
  2. ShoukerX

    [Reusable] Triple Trouble Mid-Air Curl

    I mean I don't know how to modify it to work only with my custom character
  3. ShoukerX

    [Reusable] Triple Trouble Mid-Air Curl

    I already know that but I don't know how to use it in my custom characters
  4. ShoukerX

    [Reusable] Triple Trouble Mid-Air Curl

    Hey how i can use this lua with my custom character?
  5. ShoukerX

    How to make animations in maverick model 3D

    I think the title explains everything but it is difficult for me to find an answer to this in general so if someone can help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it
  6. ShoukerX

    [Reusable] Landing/walking/running sounds

    I think that since there are mod characters that do not fit the default sounds, it would be a good idea to add some kind of commands such as "tailssteps" "knuxsteps" "metalsteps" to change the footstep sounds to ones that fit the character better
  7. ShoukerX

    [Reusable] SA1 Spindash - It doesn't matter!

    If I thought the same then I modified it to work like this local function allSpin(p) if p.spectator then return end if (p.charability2 == CA2_SPINDASH) then if (p.speed > 5*FRACUNIT and p.pflags & PF_STARTDASH) then return true end p.mindash = 75*FRACUNIT p.maxdash = 50*FRACUNIT end
  8. ShoukerX

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    if you put BACKFACING it would look like until now and if you put FRONTFACING it would be the patch
  9. ShoukerX

    Saturn Dreams model pack

    it doesn't matter i fixed it
  10. ShoukerX

    Saturn Dreams model pack

    I don't know why the dropdash and pose animations doesn't work (I put the lines of the models.dat so it is not that)
  11. ShoukerX

    [Reusable] Spring Frontflip (v1.3.1)

    For some reason it works with the springs but not when you launch