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  1. SonikkuBoy

    [Reusable] Ugly Knuckles

    Brown pixels Tails?
  2. SonikkuBoy

    "Removing" the climb ability in CA_GLIDEANDCLIMB

    All's in the title!
  3. SonikkuBoy

    How do i package 3 luas into a single PK3 file?

    make a LUA folder in you pk3, then paste your scripts in them
  4. SonikkuBoy

    3D Models textures help

    i wanna port a model from sonic 3d blast to srb2, but it has multiple textures, how do i put all the textures in one?
  5. SonikkuBoy

    How to edit vanilla characters

    take sonic's S_SKIN, rename it P_SKIN, and edit what you want
  6. SonikkuBoy

    I'm going to make an "SRB3" mod, i need help

    Alright, so i need : -Know how to make a level with 2D sections in them -Lua coder -Spriter -Music composer (sonic rush styled music) I will do mapping. Thank you!
  7. SonikkuBoy

    Post your pics/art here!

    lmao that looks good
  8. SonikkuBoy

    Making a addon character with a reusable character's sprites

    are your STND sprites actually in the mod?
  9. SonikkuBoy

    How do i make a character run forward in a map?

    All's in the title, all i want to do is push the character right forward until the end of the level (or special stage if you wanna know what i'm doing) in the style of CD's special stages, or the secret rings gameplay.
  10. SonikkuBoy

    Is It allowed to make a Sprite pack and is that even possible?

    It don't think it's allowed, since what you'll just post is a re-skin, or if it's a sprite pack, it will be impossible for mobile users to replace them in the actual SMS mod since you can't just slap files in a .wad or .pk3 files and that will replace them.
  11. SonikkuBoy

    what sonic character do you hate

    he constantly speaks to actually help you through the game
  12. SonikkuBoy

    which sonic game needs a remake or a port

    Sonic Spinball. That game was awesome.
  13. SonikkuBoy

    what sonic character do you hate

    why? this little guy is overhated
  14. SonikkuBoy

    Retro Monitors

    i just add them to zone builder and i run the game
  15. SonikkuBoy

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    i like it when you talk like that
  16. SonikkuBoy

    ice floor in zone builder

    how do i add ice physics to a floor?
  17. SonikkuBoy

    Ice Floor in Zone Builder

    oh! thanks!
  18. SonikkuBoy

    Ice Floor in Zone Builder

    how do i add ice physics on a floor?
  19. SonikkuBoy

    Is the end of srb2's Android Port coming?

    controls, lag, and the most surprising thing is that opengl works better than software