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  1. saarj

    Fatal Non-UI Error after installing Zone Builder

    Hello, I'm having an issue with Zone Builder. After installing the newest version and opening it, I get the Fatal Non-UI Error below. I tried reinstalling the setup several times, but I keep getting the error. I also tried reinstalling the necessary dependencies, but they've either repaired...
  2. saarj

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

  3. saarj

    Moved Misaligned CEZ1 spikes

    Only this set of spikes in CEZ1 are misaligned from what I've seen while playing in OpenGL mode.
  4. saarj

    ACZ1 texture issues

    Hello, folks. I have display issues with a couple textures in ACZ1. On some roads, the double yellow lines in the middle would be misaligned, and the rope textures on some of the rope pulleys straight up don't display at all. Is this a common issue? I have a feeling the rope pulley issue is a...
  5. saarj

    Custom Emblem not showing?

    Heya folks! I was working on a level in good ol’ Zone Builder and I wanted to add an Emblem to the level. So I put the Emblem Thing in the level and followed what the wiki said to do to customize it, but when I go to test the level, it just refuses to show up. Am I doing something wrong?