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  1. JSsonictails

    What was your first sonic game?

    Sonic 1
  2. JSsonictails

    Modern Knuckles

  3. JSsonictails

    What is the worst sonic you played? list 3 worst sonic game and 3 good sonic game *respect people opinion*

    Worst: 1: Sonic 1 2: Sonic Forces 3: Sonic Team Racing BEST: 1: Sonic Frontiers 2: Sonic Mania 3: Sonic Cd
  4. JSsonictails

    Is Infinite And Sage Related? In Sonic Frontiers?

    I Think So But Im Not Sure
  5. JSsonictails

    Favorite classic sonic zones

    Casino night zone Mettalic Madness Studiopolis
  6. JSsonictails

    Introduce Yourself!

  7. JSsonictails

    Is Sega Retro?

    Sega 1991
  8. JSsonictails

    Is Sega Retro?

    Is Sega a Retro Company?
  9. JSsonictails

    Fleetway Super Sonic (Cancelled)

    Nice I Like FNF and Fleetway 1669412173 And Nice Artwork
  10. JSsonictails

    Your sonic oc

    Alot of edgyness
  11. JSsonictails

    Patch PK3 for SRB2 v2.2.10 Released

  12. JSsonictails

    Patch PK3 for SRB2 v2.2.10 Released

    not sonic xl
  13. JSsonictails

    Sonic cd Disscusion

    Sonic cd is my fav so lets do this
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    What is your favorite srb2 mod character?

    this i dont like