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  1. Larz T

    Sonic Boost

    Welcome to releases!
  2. Larz T

    SRB2Kart Spinel addon!

    Welcome to releases and congrats on your first mod. Really awesome sprites too by the way.
  3. Larz T

    Spider-Man swings into the race

    Congrats on your first mod! Already making bangers out the gates. Welcome to releases! EDIT: Whoops I just realized one error. You have the file extension on their twice and I only now noticed it. Just update the thread without the extra .wad sometime later when you see this. I'd greatly...
  4. Larz T

    Gurjinter's Player Color Assortment

    Welcome to releases!
  5. Larz T

    Clone Fighter

    For someone who has never played the now Classic version, this is insane as a character. I really like the work put into this. I'm gonna try this in game more extensively. Welcome to releases!
  6. Larz T

    Latest Edition Knuckles

    Noted. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Larz T

    Latest Edition Knuckles

    Is a really cool moveset for Knuckles. I always thought Knuckles could use a little more spice with his moveset in any Sonic game and this takes the cake. I'm gonna have to do a vanilla runthrough with this mod because while I"m still learning a lot of his control, the potential to do some crazy...
  8. Larz T

    Toy Freddy's Crazy Collection

    I really respect the amount of colors you made. Welcome to releases!
  9. Larz T

    Hyper forms for everyone!!11!!!!!!

    The colors feel so right. Welcome to releases!
  10. Larz T

    [Reusable] Sonic Lost World-styled Homing Attack

    Welcome to releases!
  11. Larz T

    Alice Margatroid

    Welcome to releases! For as long I've seen Touhou tossed around here in SRB2, I'm surprised I never checked it out. Gotta do that soon...
  12. Larz T

    Nikocado Avocado

    EXXXXCUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEE! Welcome to releases! I gotta ask though, what gave you guys this idea. I'm just curious at this point.
  13. Larz T

    [Character] Sweet Tooth (Classic) | SRB2 Kart character

    Neat seeing this here and honestly unlocked a memory just now. Welcome to releases!
  14. Larz T


    Very cool level.
  15. Larz T

    White Sonic

    I feel the energy surging through my body. It'd be really cool to see the flight in the ROM hack make it through.
  16. Larz T

    Seacats Pack - Characters from Umineko: When They Cry

    Lovely sprite work by Shiho. Love how clean everything is.
  17. Larz T

    Ann the Slicer

    This is a really creative character. I'm impressed on how you turned a simple Badnik into an original character. I really like the design a lot too. Welcome to releases!
  18. Larz T


    Really like the character ability you provided. I had fun playing with this!
  19. Larz T

    Kaldrum's 3D Models

    Welcome to releases!
  20. Larz T

    [Level Pack] Rovenami Pack

    Everything checks out, welcome to releases! I think some of the tracks would honestly benefit if they were a little bit more wider because some of these turns are super tight. Especially the one right off the jump in Temple of Zoom. Could be a skill issue on my end but those tight hallways could...