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  1. Neigdoig

    Need help compiling 2.1.25 for Linux (Debian)

    I should do a tutorial on how to install SRB2 on Debian distributions on my YouTube channel. I've figured this out once before, and I'll do it again.
  2. Neigdoig

    How do YOU pronounce Hydrocity Zone?

    Either one is appropriate for me. If I encounter two people who pronounce it differently, I'll know what they're talking about. It's the whole pronunciation of Caribbean thing; the exact same.
  3. Neigdoig

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    I took the picture you see over my name on August 13, 2017 in Vancouver, WA (I no longer live there). This was my biological father's 2nd marraige, which seems to be going well for him nowadays. Edit: At that time, I was 14 years of age.
  4. Neigdoig

    How did you get your Username...

    The name I came up with is from 2015. I was trying to create a language (though I had phased out of it), and I came up with the name mentioned in the Introduce Yourself thread (that I didn't know existed).
  5. Neigdoig

    Introduce Yourself!

    Now this is where I can shine. I thought there wasn't a thread for this, to be honest. The name's Nëïgsëndöïg Cöcülës (Neeg-sen-doyg Ko-kyu-uhls). I'm an independent hobbyist Linux content creator and gamer out of the USA, just known as Neigdoig on multiple forums and games (Sometimes, I even...
  6. Neigdoig

    What's your favorite SRB2 addon?

    None would. Everyone has their own preferences.
  7. Neigdoig

    What's your favorite SRB2 addon?

    I have a few mods, from characters (Team Kinetic in particular), to SRB2 The Past (and a complete port of 2.1 to 2.2, both map packs), to even game mode mods (though I don't play MP, and would like to again). I have a few. The real fun for me came with SRB2 Kart addons, though.
  8. Neigdoig

    Linux and macOS Ports

    As a Linux user who compiled from source, it took me a bit to figure out how to even compile SRB2 Kart, let alone SRB2 (Both from the same repo). I eventually got the games working as they should.
  9. Neigdoig

    Anyone know how to set OpenMPT levels on Linux?

    I ask because my first post had the assumption that I could get Fluidsynth to work on the Linux build of SRB2 2.2.10 on Mint 21. Unfortunately, it was pointed out that it's only in the Windows version, which frustrated me a bit (which also brought about a controversial post on the forms, due to...
  10. Neigdoig

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

    This just got released? I never knew I had an older version of it. Correction: Never mind. I took a look at older posts.
  11. Neigdoig

    What is your GFZ2 record? (With XMomentum)

    Unmodified, I can get a 1:06 using the All Emeralds speedrun route.
  12. Neigdoig

    Contest Discussion

    I wonder what OLDC will be like in the future, of if it will be sporadic (specifically because of the 5 year hiatus from OLDC).
  13. Neigdoig

    [ABANDONED] Inability To See MIDI Options in 2.2.10 on Linux Mint 21

    I understand that Windows is the primary OS for SRB2; as I've researched the history of this game. Had I known it may have been lost in transition due to OS intricacies, I 100% would understand that. The mention of Windows in that light is because I feel bad for the people who don't really have...
  14. Neigdoig

    what game did you realize is really good despite disliking it when you were younger?

    Where can I begin with this? There were quite a few games that were deserving of this status. I had not gotten used to this game (SRB2) when I first started, as it was a different feel, and boy was it difficult at first. Nowadays, I can speedrun pretty well into THZ 3 for the All Emeralds route...
  15. Neigdoig

    Thoughts on fall guys

    Fall Guys is hot garbage, and its community is toxic as can be. Stumble Guys is your best bet as an alternative (hey, even moistcr1tikal played it).
  16. Neigdoig

    Are you allowed to speedrun with RetroArch?

    For leaderboards, take a look at the rules on, where they specify what you're allowed to use to run games. I always take a look at the rules before considering a speedrun to make sure I won't be cheating. Edit: For Sonic Advance 2, you can only use mGBA or Bizhawk with mGBA core...
  17. Neigdoig

    If you were to make your own version of Sonic Origins, what new games and features would you include in it?

    I would take a look at the Sonic timeline, and fix bugs that would otherwise break the game, but make it possible for speedrunners to complete. Essentially, take the best Modern games of all time, and fuse them together, leaving in what worked well and ripping out what didn't.
  18. Neigdoig

    What was your first sonic game?

    For me, it would have to have been Sonic 1 on an emulator for Android devices I think. This was in 2011, when I was 8 years old.
  19. Neigdoig

    [ABANDONED] Inability To See MIDI Options in 2.2.10 on Linux Mint 21

    That has to be a pot of crock. Now I will have to mess around with OpenMPT on Linux just to get the volume set properly, becasue soundfont support is tied to Windows. Grand, I tell you, for in which Windows chickens have this privilege (Though Linux is fully capable of soundfont support if done...
  20. Neigdoig

    [ABANDONED] Inability To See MIDI Options in 2.2.10 on Linux Mint 21

    I had just signed up, because I have a problem at hand I could use some help with: Earlier today, I wanted to get a MIDI soundfont working on Mint 21 for version 2.2.10, which I built from source. However, I don't see an option for MIDI under Options > Sound Options > Advanced Options after...