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  1. GearZX

    [Reusable] Meat Boy

    I love this character, it's feels super similar to the game, He's much fun to blast through levels! Edit: Meat Boy needs an ability that'll allow him to break objects like how the spindash used, or else he can't complete certain levels in other map packs. maybe the punch from Super Meat Boy...
  2. GearZX


    This guy is great, Pac-Man feels so faithful to the Pac-Man World games it's a nice translation from World to SRB2. Love how his model turned out, and Super Pac-Man being his super form is a nice touch.
  3. GearZX

    [Reusable] Gan's Creatively-Named Model Pack

    Thanks for the great model pack, Feels, Alt Sonic, and Maimy are my favorites of the bunch. Not only did you update Feels to work with the current update but his model got a great improvement.
  4. GearZX

    Bean the Dynamite

    Great work! His bomb jumps are a bit tricky at first but they so much fun to do once you get the hang of it. (Now all we need is Bark and Team Hooligan is complete)
  5. GearZX

    [Reusable] Gan's Creatively-Named Model Pack

    Thank you Feels has a 3D model now, I love it the butterfly is a nice touch
  6. GearZX

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    All that sounds great especially in ShadowRE's case, as of now his moveset is a little underwhelming. SonicRE is a whole lot of fun to play too, it's cool to hear that his bounce is going to be buffed. Super happy to hear MightyRE's hammer drop is supposed to be that good. It's great for...
  7. GearZX

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    Thank you for your response, keep up the great work. It's nice that your taking feedback well, I'll look out and tell you of any more bugs I'll encounter. I've been playing as ShadowRE in Dimension Glaber and he's been fine so far. I'm just glad that your aware of MightyRE's hardshell bug and...
  8. GearZX

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    I gotta say this is probably the best implementation of Mighty in SRB2, I just completed an all emerald run of the vanilla campaign and he's is a lot of fun to use. He's powerful, fast, and heavy. I do really like his sprites here. The stomp-dash is a great idea, and its nice to see it come...