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  1. Monster Iestyn

    I found the first post-crash MB post

    It gives you a bizarre insight into what the MB used to be like 18 years ago, if nothing else. But otherwise yes. ...or did you mean this thread itself?
  2. Monster Iestyn

    Oldest mod/addon for SRB2?

    Probably feasible, just need to ask someone who can edit the website to do so. The WGD and a couple of other historical content used to have a page where they were directly linked, but it disappeared around the time 2.0 came out. (I made a list of them in my userspace on the wiki some time ago...
  3. Monster Iestyn

    Oldest mod/addon for SRB2?, I'm surprised that that's even still available to download at all after all this time, even through Wayback Machine. Good find! Also, regarding the custom characters in Demo 3, yes SSNTails made the Megaman character, but the other two were made by other people. The Chao character was...
  4. Monster Iestyn

    Invalid crashes when i enter to any server

    I suspect what you got was actually a game freeze, not a crash. If so there'd be nothing to log in srb2win.RPT at all, it would just show the SRB2 is not reponding (in your language, SRB2 no responde) window and nothing more. The crashes in the logs actually seem to be do with rendering sprites...
  5. Monster Iestyn

    Wiki Theme Problem

    Sorry for not responding sooner! I'll get in touch with people who could possibly do something about this, since I've heard of this happening to other people before. 1628861994 Nvm, figured out how to disable modern skin for now on the backend. You should now be set back to the wiki's default...
  6. Monster Iestyn

    What happened to sonic XG?

    I member when "member" was spelled "remember" I thought Sonic XG was finished years ago, guess I was getting mixed up with another fangame?
  7. Monster Iestyn

    Mystic removal discussion - The good and the bad

    To tell the truth, I've never actually heard of you myself. It's been so long now I expect that nobody who has heard of you is active at all anymore. As it turns out, the most recent mention of your old nick I can find on the SRB2MB so far dates back to 2007 (in a staff forum, mind), and I...
  8. Monster Iestyn

    just posting something

    Ah, if you mean non-Windows installers, then probably not. Maybe they're archived on our GitHub repo possibly? EDIT: Bingo, they are indeed, at least for the last couple of 2.1 patches onwards. See for all the 2.1.25 installers for...
  9. Monster Iestyn

    just posting something late, but there's also this page, which has nearly all the installers for every version of 2.1. (All of the old version downloads are actually links to files in this part of the site)
  10. Monster Iestyn

    Musical references and recycled musics in the Sonic series.

    I actually made a little list of these reused tracks back in 2012 in a text file: Granted, this won't have everything ever, for instance the reused music in Sonic Chronicles, and the Jetzons song link (since that one was only learned a few years ago). EDIT: In hindsight the Lost World 2 reuse...
  11. Monster Iestyn

    The majority of levels in SRB2 are dark or grey

    Probably not actually, all of those textures are pretty old now (Dark City's have been in since Final Demo, with the exception of some rocks and a sky texture (which were added in 2.1 or 2.2?), and Doomship's were added for 2.0), and it's no secret even the devs think Dark City's old textures...
  12. Monster Iestyn

    just posting something

    You actually don't need the wayback machine for most of the old SRB2 versions, 2.1.25 and many others are available at
  13. Monster Iestyn

    SRB2 addon setgamemodified removed

    Question: Do you actually know how to debug a crash report? Given this mod will allow people to use mods and save, no doubt a number of newer people at least will want to use this mod regularly instead of the main SRB2 release exe. Unfortunately, if they got a crash with your exe instead of the...
  14. Monster Iestyn

    SRB2 v2.2.9 Patch Release

    It's not the first time SRB2 has come up as a false positive to antivirus software. Nor will it be the last. As others have already said, SRB2 is indeed completely safe and virus-free, your antivirus is just wrong.
  15. Monster Iestyn

    SRB2 v2.2.9 Patch Release

    Hi, lemme explain things since it seems you've been confused a bit by other members. The joke is that it's been well known that odd-numbered patches (2.2.1, 2.2.3, 2.2.5, 2.2.7) tend to be "unstable" and get a patch following them within days, sometimes even on the same day they were released...
  16. Monster Iestyn

    srb2 and srb2 message board lore and trivia and stuff by the srb2 community and neonhedgehog

    Pre-Crash SRB2 Message Board has almost no archives on Wayback Machine, when I say everything was lost it really *was* lost. In fact this might be the only cache of it that survives of it on that site:
  17. Monster Iestyn

    srb2 and srb2 message board lore and trivia and stuff by the srb2 community and neonhedgehog

    Smidge might not actually be the first member, I think I remember hearing some of the first few user IDs got moved about when the message board switched from phpBB to vBulletin way back in August 2009, just a month after SRB2 2.0 was released. The "vBAdmin" account obviously wouldn't have...
  18. Monster Iestyn

    how can we stop sonic channel S?

    If this is some kind of Youtube channel you lot are talking about (I have honestly no clue who you're talking about), you could just report them if they're doing something wrong? There's no real need to put on a batman mask to solve these kind of problems sometimes.
  19. Monster Iestyn

    About the female characters in the Sonic series

    Disney bought up Marvel, 21st Century Fox and even Pixar only in the last 20 years (2006, 2019 and 2009, respectively), all three of these were independent corporations or companies until those points. Disney did not create them.
  20. Monster Iestyn

    What's In Store For v2.2.10(Back Open)

    You can only rotate the side angles, for front/back/diagonals you cannot do this. Some 7 years ago I drew this quick MSPaint image to visually show how many angle sprites would be needed just for a single frame of animation, if you allow for Sonic to stand a wall for sideways gravity, loops and...