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  1. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] Crawla v3.1

    I still think this addon is cool, even against adventure sonic
  2. Srb2-Fan

    Angel Island Tour

    where's the map? i can't download it for some reason.
  3. Srb2-Fan

    Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models

    You haven't read the rules?
  4. Srb2-Fan

    How did you discover Sonic?

    I don't remember very Well but I think it was thanks to the "goodbye srb2 2.0" video, after that i searched sonic on google play, i saw sonic dash, but i went for sonic 4 ep II. Forgot srb2 that day, then in 2020 i found srb2 again thanks to the 2.2.1 patch notes, i downloaded the game and now i...
  5. Srb2-Fan

    Bean the Dynamite

    haha funny dinamite duck is back hehe
  6. Srb2-Fan

    SRB2 Plus’s.... First Announcement! (FINALLY)

    knowing the comunity, this thing will be something very amazing and a very big proyect, plz don't forget completing red volcano, dark city, grand eggship and upgrading egg rock
  7. Srb2-Fan

    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

    Wow i have been waiting for SO long and its finally here! honestly, I think its great how everything came out looking even more amazing than before! so are you up 2 it? even pointing out the fact that 2.2 was suposed to be an entire overhaul of the game, i didn't know that the message board...
  8. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

    I LOVE THIS MOD SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With hyper abilities, hyper metal sonic becomes hyper hyper metal sonic
  9. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] Tails Doll V.1.1

    it's great! oh and can someone tell me how to add him with botskin?
  10. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] OVA Knuckles

    i'm waiting a md3 for this
  11. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] Spring Twirl

    wow.... CD and mania memories
  12. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] Crawla v3.1

    This is a pretty cool addon
  13. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] SRB2 8-Bit Soundtrack

  14. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] Black Eggman v2.4 (Now with Brak Lite!)

    i like this, A M A Z I N G
  15. Srb2-Fan

    [Reusable] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    this somehow makes me shaking chills