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  1. Omnitsu

    What's your favourite sonic game OST?

    For my favorite OSTs, it's gotta be Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. There's something about them that just go so hard. Love 'em to death
  2. Omnitsu

    [Reusable] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

    This is a great mod! I've been using it for over a year and it's satisfied me every time. One issue I have is the bots going super. Having each one drain your rings is fun, until having a lot just drains them all in one go. If possible, can you make the ring drain from each bot optional? Having...
  3. Omnitsu

    [Reusable] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

    I tried that, but it unfortunately didn't work. Someone told me that I should use BotSuper, but that only worked in single player. I added combi-ring at one point, and that worked for some reason. My only problem is, I don't want to be stuck to the other bots just so I can go super.
  4. Omnitsu

    [Reusable] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

    Is there any way to make the bots go super when you do? I was just curious since I'd be nice having them all be super alongside you.