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  1. TakiTails

    Does anyone have a zone builder that doesn't require administrator permission?

    I've been asking around on SRB2 about making maps and I get the same tune sung back to me. "Just use zone builder" But when I did download it, it asked for administrator permissions to my laptop, And the only reason that this is a problem is that I have no way to GIVE it administrator...
  2. TakiTails

    Need help with SLADE.

    Wow. I didn't even know that all of this existed. let alone that there was a zone builder. Thanks for the advice.
  3. TakiTails

    Need help with SLADE.

    I honestly don't have a clue on how to use this goddamn program. Does ANYONE have a link to an MB post or just tips on this thing?
  4. TakiTails

    Adventure Sonic (v1.5)

  5. TakiTails

    How to use MD2's on SRB2 2.2?

    Could you explain how i could even do that.
  6. TakiTails

    How to use MD2's on SRB2 2.2?

    I've been looking for models for a bit now, and I've found one that looks perfect (Logan McCloud's Low Poly MD2s) but when I downloaded them they're in .MD2 format instead of .MD3 format. How do I either convert these md2's into md3's or use the md2's in 2.2 so I can use them in the game (the...
  7. TakiTails


    Thanks. It worked. I almost quit the game due to this.
  8. TakiTails


    Whenever I look around my camera stays in one place. I looked in the controls and even the wiki and I haven't found anything at all. Could someone please! 1618006014 What I'm talkin' about.
  9. TakiTails

    Saturn Dreams model pack

    I just want to know how to use these custom 3d models. I don't even know how to use Jeck Jim's models