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  1. stoneywagner

    [Reusable] Project DAMN (Previously D00D64's Junk)

    D00D64, update your signature.
  2. stoneywagner

    Mod in progress

    Alright, I'm making a mod that is gonna have 9 zones, and only one act almost complete. The zones that are gonna be included in the mod are: 1. River 2. Canyon Cave Zone 3. Jungle 4. Lava/Ice Mountain 5. Vacant Sea Zone 6. Doom Inc. Zone 7. Scattered Skies Zone 8. ??? 9. ??? *The zones without...
  3. stoneywagner

    Can somebody explain this? It's weird, everyone was named "Player n" and i couldn't talk or see anything but the title card and the console. And then later the console started spamming "Player 4 has been kicked (consistency fail)", and later player 4 joined and started talking. It's the...
  4. stoneywagner

    [Reusable] Alternative Match System (Meleeweapons.soc)

    Oh... I didn't notice that part >.>. And i was too busy paying attention to the rings.
  5. stoneywagner

    [Reusable] Alternative Match System (Meleeweapons.soc)

    The only way to attack (If zero ring didn't hurt) would be grenades. Who would want to play an alternate match that you have to work kinda hard to hurt people, so the zero rings shouldn't be replaced.