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  1. Jazz

    Mirror Mode

    Not intentional, my build environment is cobbled together, and apparently not all that well. I also noticed that some types of tracker music doesn't play, either has to do with build flags or the version of the library msys2 provides. Didn't get a chance to look too deeply into it. Every...
  2. Jazz

    Mirror Mode

    Long time no see. I had an idea, so I did it. It's ugly at the moment, but most if not all maps should be playable. This modification adds "Mirror Mode" to SRB2. This works in the same fashion as its namesake in Mario Kart. When enabled, levels are mirrored over the Y axis. In effect, all left...
  3. Jazz

    Fixed Lua pw_powers enum values are out of order

    The attached example code prints the values of pw_infinityring through pw_railring which should print 10 through 16 in order. It currently does not. I have not checked the rest of this enum thoroughly, nor have I thoroughly checked any other enum, but that might be something to consider.
  4. Jazz

    Fixed Calling mapthings.iterate() directly crashes the game instead of throwing a lua error

    Example script attached. The forums also don't seem to like the .lua extension. I assume it should throw a similar error as the other iterates with this requirement.
  5. Jazz

    Accessing existing console variables via Lua

    This is either a Lua related question or a feature request depending on the answer. I would like to check the value of an arbitrary existing console variable that isn't one that I created, since I can already access those. How would I go about doing this?
  6. Jazz

    Duplicate OpenGL first person gravflip view isn't flipped

    I know OpenGL isn't "officially" supported, but I am pretty sure I had this working before 2.0 was released. This bug of course makes playing Twisted Terminal a right pain.
  7. Jazz

    SRB2 Multiplayer Survey Results

    Attached to this post is a zipfile containing the survey results advertised on the front page of for the past two weeks in PDF format. Download the attachment and take a gander at the results. Thank you all for your participation.
  8. Jazz

    EGA palette and Monochrome palette

    I called it a mod, but I don't really know what category this goes in. The zip file has two wadfiles: egapal20.wad and monopal20.wad. When loading these into your game, they change the colors that SRB2 uses to draw stuff. These don't do a whole lot, they are just a novelty. A rather cool...
  9. Jazz

    SRB2 Develelopment Tidbits, Hijinks

    I was supposed to get this done and posted about a month ago. Final exams, laziness and preoccupation with my brand new computer kept me firmly sidetracked. With the aforementioned problems solved, here goes: I have been given permission to post videos on my YouTube account containing stuff...
  10. Jazz

    An SRB2 Survey

    Hey guys, for my college class I need to create a survey relevant to a certain population and collect responses. I figured I'd do one for SRB2, since this kind of information can be interesting to all of us around here. This survey is anonymous, is ten questions long and will take approximately...
  11. Jazz

    Improved Tag Mode (srb2tag-p2.exe) [Patch 2 + Source]

    Well, I was thinking about adding yet another suggestion to the heaping list of 1.1 suggestions, but then I decided it would be good for me to just write the thing myself. After twelve days of coding (plus one day for each patch) and testing spread out over three weeks due to end of semester...
  12. Jazz

    Is A_RandomStateRange broken?

    I'm trying to get this action to work, but it always picks the highest state number instead of a random state number. Is this action broken, or is there something else that I'm missing?
  13. Jazz

    Source crashing upon break point.

    I have been looking through SRB2's source in an attempt to figure out how more of it works than I know currently. The problem is, every time I try to place a break point and run the program stepwise, SRB2 completely locks up and I am unable to step through. Periodically, it gives me a...
  14. Jazz

    Things and Instant Floor Raise

    I want to have an instant floor raise that raises things with it. I can get this to work using a move floor linedef (Type 106), but not with a modify floor. (Type 101) Is there any way to get an instant floor raise to keep objects on top?
  15. Jazz

    Scrolling Textures on FOFs

    I've figured out how to make textures scroll by offset on normal sector walls, but I cannot figure out how to make it work on FOFs properly. I am basically trying to make a FOF "sphere" made of two different FOFs, one large disk with a cylinder going through it to simulate a rough "sphere." I...
  16. Jazz

    Dwarf Fortress

    Just an interesting game I found on the internet a year ago or so... Probably one of the most well-made city-builder games I have ever played. There also is a "rogue-like" mode of the game being developed as well. Also, and probably most interesting is the...
  17. Jazz

    Yeah, I'm not a girl...

    It seems that this mistake has been made several times since I've been around the forums and netgames, so I feel the need to set the record straight. I am male. My name is Jazz as in Jazz Jackrabbit, not Jazz as in Jasmine. In other words, this guy: Not this: So... If you already knew...
  18. Jazz

    Jazz Attack (mtf_jazzattack-v1c.wad) v1c Released! (3/9/08)

    After another 3 months and in honor of SRB2's 10th Anniversary, I present to you a new version of Jazz Attack. Just some of the new stuff: Completely remade Crystal Caves Completely remade Vertical Forest (now: The Great Forest) Revamped Lava Lake Revamped Goo Lagoon Replaced Space Platform...
  19. Jazz

    Deathmatch Arena (Match)

    An SRB2 spin on a gametype from other FPS games... This map essentially lives up to it's name. Its quite similar to deathmatch gameplay from other games. Basically you choose a weapon and are stocked with a minute and a half of that weapon, a generic shield, and 80 rings. You are then...
  20. Jazz

    Goo Lagoon (Match/Tag)

    First of all, I must note that this has absolutely nothing to do with the location from the Spongebob TV show. I just stole the name for kicks. :) Anyway, this map is essentially a two level landmass situated in the middle of a lake of goo. (hence the map's name) Weapons are spread out over...