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  1. PencilVoid

    OLDC-2022-R1 Votes

    SPIRAL HILL PIZZA Very creative concept, the adrenaline rush the pacing and music gives you is nice The green arrows can be hard to see from a distance - would be easier to see if they were bigger and more like a beacon CHAOS COVE ZONE Very nostalgic theming, nice and simple Shards can be...
  2. PencilVoid

    [Reusable] Again

    PencilVoid submitted a new resource: Again - Another palette mod Read more about this resource...
  3. PencilVoid

    Autumn 2020 CIrcuit Votes

    #1. Caldron Cavern Zone Very decent map. Hazards pose a challenge while still keeping up the fast paced gameplay. I also like the verticality. Texturing is a little disjointed though. 6/10 #2. Electric Avenue Zone Very polished map, with great textures and music. The layout is quite flat...
  4. PencilVoid

    Autumn 2020 Circuit Votes

    #1. Caldron Cavern Zone Very decent circuit map. I like the layout of hazards, challenging while quick to navigate. The verticality is also nice. Texturing is a little all over the place though. 7/10. #2. Electric Avenue This map is very polished, with great textures and music. However, the...
  5. PencilVoid

    Thoughts about the Lives system

    This sparked from a discussion in the Discord server- what do you think of SRB2's lives system? In my opinion, lives are pretty useless since getting a gameover does the same thing as closing and reloading a save, except it resets your score which is useless anyways.
  6. PencilVoid

    Confirmed Super Knuckles only creates a shockwave when landing on sloped lava

    See attached gif. Recorded in 2.2.7 RC2.
  7. PencilVoid

    Circuit Votes

    #1. HYDROWING Zone This is a pretty solid map. The layout has depth and is quite complex but is easy to get the hang of and rewards getting to know it well. Texturing is a little all over the place though. 7/10. #2. Haptic Caverns Zone 10/10 very good yes #3. Greenflower Canyon Zone Lacking...
  8. PencilVoid

    Fixed Strange flat alignment in ACZ1

    See attached screenshot. It's on both the floor and ceiling. Taken in 2.2.7 RC1, was in 2.2.6 as well.
  9. PencilVoid

    Player can softlock themselves in Dream Hill

    If the player collects enough chips and jumps into the Ideya capture before they're NiGHTS-erised there won't be enough chips on the track once they NiGHTS-erise and therefore they'll be stuck with no way to progress.
  10. PencilVoid

    Fixed Reflections of mountain midtextures in GFZ's skybox don't appear in OpenGL

    See attached gif. In the Software renderer the mountains appear to be reflected by the water while in the OpenGL renderer no such reflection appears.
  11. PencilVoid

    Fixed Holes in the lava in RVZ1

    See attached screenshots.
  12. PencilVoid

    [Reusable] LGBT+ Player Colours

    SRB2, but make it gayer. If you have any suggestions for a flag or want me to edit a colour please don't hesitate to ask.
  13. PencilVoid

    Fixed Weird collision in an area in DSZ2

    See attached gif and screenshot.
  14. PencilVoid

    Invalid Using the "map" command on a save with infinite lives resets the lives counter to 3

    Using the "map" command on a save with infinite lives resets the lives counter to 3 See attached gif.
  15. PencilVoid

    Cold Zone (VS_cold-v1.pk3)

    tfw you finish your uldc level 2 weeks after when the deadline would have been Welcome to Cold Zone. It's snowy. There are slopes. And badniks. There aren't any emblems yet. Music: Egg Garden Zone Act 1 by Mr. Stardust
  16. PencilVoid

    [Reusable] Cuter Audience Members

    Replaces the chao sprites with some fox sprites I drew a while ago. Not much to it.
  17. PencilVoid

    Fixed Misaligned flat in RVZ1

    See attached screenshot.
  18. PencilVoid

    Duplicate Floating midtexture and missing FOF texture in THZ1

    See attached screenshot.