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  1. glaber

    Glaber's 2022 part 1 vote

    1 Chaos Cove Zone (required to vote first) 2 Foliage Furnace Zone Act2 3 Enchanted Enclave 4 SunkSea X Zone 5 Yearning Yachtyard Zone 6 Freezer Folley Zone 7 Magma Laboratory Zone 8 Spiral Hill Pizza 9 Tarnish Ward 10 Egg Machine Zone 11 Festung Oder So 12 Zaxel's Thunder Yard Zone Act 2 13...
  2. glaber

    Glaber's 2021 winter votes

    This time around was a tough one to decide, so I had to use the voter app. Feedback will come in the main topic for select levels and my video will come later. 1. Botanic Space Zone Act 2 by DeltaSanic 2. Follow Your Rainbow by Rogerregorroger 3. The Twins Palace Zone by Chaolino 4. Something...
  3. glaber

    Glaber's Vote topic Summer 2021

    Video coming later, for now votes! All Stages are in order of vote. Koopa Kastle This one is mine. Created along side a Mario Maker 2 level, it's designed more like a 3d Mario stage than a Sonic stage. Mercury Mine Zone This one was alright. Plenty of paths and fun to play through with Gemma...
  4. glaber

    [Reusable] Badnik pack DX

    They're back for more as Badnik Pack 2 brings with it more retro SRB2 goodies as well as a few more new (and an old) custom badniks! Without any further delay, let's get to the badniks! Hopefully you can find something you like in this pack, or maybe this pack can help you with creating a...
  5. glaber

    Glaber's Vote topic Autumn 2020

    I'm cutting this very close, but here are my votes. There is no video due to getting distracted by working on SRB2 the Past and some other piled on projects. 1. Shadow of Aztlán Zone by akirahedgehog 2. Foliage Furnace Zone by Kanna/Kwiin 3. Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger 4. Gate Garden Zone...
  6. glaber

    Glaber's Vote topic Summer 2020

    All levels are ordered according to how I'm voting for them. A gameplay video can be found here:
  7. glaber

    Badnik Clipping causes badniks to stop in place.

    While working on several 2d stages I've started having problems with badniks clipping into each other and not moving. The Issue seems to come from, in my opinion, their new found solidity to each other. I included a gif from 2.1 to show how the jettysons, one of the affected badniks, use to...
  8. glaber

    [Reusable] Mystic Castle Rebirth

    Years ago, The Zone "Mystic Castle" was created for the mod SRB2 Halloween. It was cramped, it was a colab, and it didn't age well. It was added to Dimension Glaber years later, and in the time that followed, I was no longer having fun with the zone. So I set out and created Mystic Castle...
  9. glaber

    [MP Level] Emerald Lake (KART Track)

    My first release for SRB2 Kart Emerald Lake is based on the Project RoboTower stage of the Same name. This stage is basic, but as my first kart track, I believe Basic is good. The track features a tunnel, a water segment, and a segment of the SP stage as scenery. The whole track can even be...
  10. glaber

    Damage in classic Special Stage causes Sigsev.

    The Mobj based damage sources like crawlas and spikeballs can be made to work with a lua code, but sector based damage sources apparently need an EXE fix.
  11. glaber

    [Reusable] Resource: Badnik Pack 1 Version 2.2.2

    In the past, if you wanted a badnik that wasn't just one of the base game badniks, you had to make it yourself or pull it from a mod marked as reusable. But now I present the FIRST (to my knowledge) reusable Badnik pack for SRB2! Found in this pack are the following: Changelog:
  12. glaber

    Fixed Emerald Hunt Z coordnate bug

    For some reason or another, Emerald Hunt will sometimes spawn the emerald shards at the wrong Z coordinates. I can only assume that what's going on is that it somehow doubles what the z coordinate should be. This bug was first seen in The CyberDime Realm and then Resurfaced again In Dimension...
  13. glaber

    Dimension Glaber

    Welcome back to Dimension Glaber. This time updated for 2.2! So what is Dimension Glaber? Dimension Glaber is primarily a recycle project that turned into a mod complete with singleplayer, match, CTF, and Circuit maps. Every stage is roughly organized in to "eras" and themes. Starting with my...
  14. glaber

    Force Spin (Sector effect) not Forcing spin on no spin characters

    I don't know why this is, but the force Spin sector effect isn't doing its job and forceing no-spin characters like Amy and Fang into their spin states. Supposedly this is intended behavior, but then we have the force spin flag on speed pads that actually do force Amy and Fang into their spin...
  15. glaber

    [Reusable] V_Speedbooster_resource-V2.1

    Ported from 2.1 to 2.2, these boosters just needed a pallet conversion. "But don't we have thing based speed pads now?" Yes we do, but they're weak in comparison. Just take a look! So while we have the Speed pads in the base game, these custom assets provide that much more speed being...
  16. glaber

    Glaber's Junkyard, Featuring SRB2 the Past 2.0 and other projects.

    This has been a little over due. I've been meaning to make one of these topic for a while now. So what am I making? Project Robotower Christmas (On Hiatus) First off, the stage seen here, Slippin Around, had been intended to release around Christmas, but it didn't happen due to how incomplete...
  17. glaber

    [Reusable] Resource: Horizontal speed booster

    We got Slopes, we got Horizontal Springs, but what we don't have are Horizontal Boosters. I know some of you are asking, "Why would we use these things?" Let me tell you. So far, our only horizontal boosters are the springs that look out of place when not against a wall, and the sector based...
  18. glaber

    Dimension Glaber (SP and MP maps)

    May not work properly with Mania or Classic.wad mods. It had to happen soon or later, so why not multiple levels at once? Dimension Glaber is a collection of just about every level I worked on. Almost every map in this pack finally receiving their first ever revision from when they were...
  19. glaber

    Confirmed Egg Capsule "Shutters" don't follow Rules

    Recently, I have discovered that the Egg Trap Shutters that use sector tag 681 actually totally ignore the part of the control sector that tells the shutters where to go. This can result in the shutter part still moving into position even with that part of the control sector missing This only...
  20. glaber

    Confirmed badniks of certain thinkers/actions can't track the player right In 2d Mode!

    Originally observed with Crawlas 6 years ago: It has been recently discovered that even robots like the Jet jaw have trouble working in 2d mode. Apparently anything that can move like a crawla or buzz will have this navigational problem in 2d mode...