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  1. A'Dilla

    A'Dillaz Hat Shop

    A'Dilla submitted a new resource: A'Dillaz Hat Shop - Adds an extra set amount of hats for you to enjoy! Read more about this resource...
  2. A'Dilla

    My port randomly stops working after a month (Working again)

    Around a month ago, I portforwarded to my windows computer working perfectly. Then, 4 days ago when I decided to start one up after awhile, it suddenly stops working. I don't understand how though, I re-port forward multiple times just like I did the first time, all of my SRB2 versions including...
  3. A'Dilla

    The Round 1 Results from A'Dilla (Single player)

    I will be ranking these zones all out of 10, while they won't be in a rank order I'll be sure to bold the ones I prefer the most. Bitter Brink Zone: 9/10, this zone is great! The layout is amazing and the music fits perfectly. My only issues here is the start of the 2D section as everything...
  4. A'Dilla

    Macs for Dedicated Server Question

    Hello! So, I was hosting dedicated on my macbook. But, for some reason, It randomly becomes unlisted after an hour and no one is able to join. Not even people who know my IP. Is there a command or anything to stop this from being unlisted? Like a refresh command?
  5. A'Dilla

    Large File Size Issue

    Hello, I have been wanting to submit a music pack for a while now. The only thing stopping me from doing so is the file size, the largest one out of 3 being 199.2 MB. They all loop, but I'm not sure what else to do
  6. A'Dilla

    Invalid ERZ1 Gravity glitch

    This happens to me a lot, when you play as someone fast like bandages or FSonic doing this in the right path at the start and going in the upside down elevator. Spin dashing at max where you suppose to flip will let you stay upside down, you think its all fun and games till you reach the button...
  7. A'Dilla

    Rare hosting issue

    This has happened to me twice now in different SRB2 Servers, and I posted this in the discord server. But realized I should probably post it here instead. So, there's this rare chance that when joining a server, you cannot see anyone in the game or their typing. Only the host's (Who's name...
  8. A'Dilla

    Sonikku Question

    So, before you think I'm weird... I'm asking about this because of my answer of this thread. Gussing this still makes me weird... oh well. Now, hopefully we all know Sonikku (Johnny Wallbank) has left Team SRB2. I have been searching for this in the wayback machine for awhile now and I found no...
  9. A'Dilla

    Porting Forward (MAC ONLY!)

    A'Dilla submitted a new resource: Porting Forward (MAC ONLY!) - The easiest way to port forward on mac! Read more about this resource...
  10. A'Dilla

    (Founded File!) Does anyone have Bandages for Srb2 2.1?

    So, I looked all over google and found nothing. I found ONE video that was meant to have Bandages's link but is now dead to this day. So, I will ask here where it is here. Does anyone have the file for legacy bandages so I can play in in version 2.1? He looks like this, and plays with the air...
  11. A'Dilla

    Pointy Sonic Drift Problem.

    I have no idea if theres a different help center for Kart so I will post this here. So, I have made a Kart Pack and was thinking about including Pointy Sonic Drift.... not a smart idea. Part of his car is ruined and invisible, I removed him from the pack did nothing. I added him and it still...
  12. A'Dilla

    Exporting the vanilla sprites problem

    Let me explain more... I know how to export sprites as a png but my real problem is how to export it with color? I wanted to resprite this ball form (Sonic's): And make it look like a dropdash. But I'm not sure how to do it with it grey. Even if I do somehow sprite this I know it will effect...
  13. A'Dilla

    What your first server name you entered and what’s your favorite server today?

    Probably about time I asked these questions again... So, my new 2 questions are what was your first server you played on and what’s your favorite server today? Answering my first question : If you looked at my first SRB2 Discussion thread you’ll know I started at 2.2.4 so it may be obvious my...
  14. A'Dilla

    How did you find srb2

    A weird question I decided to ask: How did you find srb2? And an optional one: How did you evolve? My Answer: I first noticed srb2 in 2019, Garrulous64, Knuckles Channel 3 and Knuckles, and Dave Ace were playing it. (I might rewatch it this year it was funny.) Back to my topic In the end I...
  15. A'Dilla

    I need help on how LUA works

    I created a mod. But because they are re-skins, I decided that I wanted to give them an ability. I took one look at how people do it and I'm never as confused as my life. Is there something like a simple video that can help me get to understand LUA a little bit? Also I would send proof but I...
  16. A'Dilla

    How Can I Compile SRB2 2.1.25? (Mac)

    For some reason. I cannot play 2.1.25 because it can only be used in mac version 10.15 or something. I have 10.11.6, Someone in the discord server said I can compile it. In a more understandable details, how can I compile SRB2 2.1.25 to make it work? Also if there are other ways please tell me...