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  1. J

    Bean the Dynamite

    When you see it, you can't unsee it!
  2. J

    Techno Legacy is bad?

    Techno Legacy Zone was intended as a callback to previous versions, so they probably could've went with any of the unlockable stages. Perhaps TLZ could work better if it was given a bit of a makeover or straightup remaster? I mean, I've been speedrunning the stage since I first played the game...
  3. J

    [Reusable] Spyro the Dragon

    Now we just need Crash Bandicoot.
  4. J

    [Reusable] Jet the Hawk - V1.1 - now slightly less broken

    Tried it out and was pretty interesting, though if I could make some suggestions, make his stomp able to break monitors and have spin let you board your gear in midair.
  5. J

    Can We Revive SRB2 Riders?

    MOD EDIT: A revival project is underway, see its topic in modding, and discuss it over there - As a fan of the Riders games, I looked forward to trying out SRB2 Riders back in the day. Since it was a different port, though...