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  1. eblu

    Fixed Linux build crashes with SIGABRT when joining servers

    Whenever I try to connect to a netgame, either on the master server or directly, SRB2 throws a SIGABRT error. Checking the logs in the terminal simply states that stack smashing was detected without any further information. I have tried reinstalling SRB2 and compiling it from source, both...
  2. eblu

    [Reusable] sloperollangle: Character Rotation on Slopes

    obviously this was going to be the next step in slope development. now all we need is angles facing forward/backward from the camera but that's obviously going to require way too much spriting work.
  3. eblu

    Making Zone Builder multiplatform -- is it possible?

    I'm not entirely sure what forum I should ask this in so I'll just drop it here. As a recent switcher to Linux, I was somewhat dismayed by Zone Builder's lack of support for anything other than Windows. Not only does it hiccup in WINE every time I try to load more than one map consecutively (I...
  4. eblu

    SRB2 Ubuntu PPA needs updating

    Hey. After a bit of distro-hopping I tried to re-install SRB2 via the official Linux method on the website but following the instructions gives me this: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stjr/srb2 [sudo] password for eblu: The premiere apt repository for Sonic Robo Blast 2, a 3D Sonic the...
  5. eblu

    [Reusable] Logan McCloud's Low Poly MD2s 2.0 (NOW WITH KART)

    Just an FYI: if you're not running SRB2 under Windows, you should rename MD2.dat to md2.dat. SRB2 requires the file to be all lowercase, however it ignores this on Windows due to the fact that its filesystem isn't case-sensitive.