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  1. cerealgoo

    How to get SRB2 Jeck Jims High Poly MD2s working in 2.2

    See, so I've recently seen Sonic Central use these models in 2.2, and I tried, but they are absolutely broken for me. the signpost has doubles, it never loads the running and walking animations instead of that, it loads the waiting animations, and the signpost never does a full flip. Does anyone...
  2. cerealgoo

    How to set up SRB2K Logan Mcloud MD2?

    I want to get the more highly detailed Logan Mcloud MD2 models for SRB2K, but I don't know how ( and actually i want to know how to set up any md2 ) ---------- Post added at 01:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:42 PM ---------- Anyone know how?