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  1. eblu

    Fixed Linux build crashes with SIGABRT when joining servers

    Whenever I try to connect to a netgame, either on the master server or directly, SRB2 throws a SIGABRT error. Checking the logs in the terminal simply states that stack smashing was detected without any further information. I have tried reinstalling SRB2 and compiling it from source, both...
  2. eblu

    Making Zone Builder multiplatform -- is it possible?

    I'm not entirely sure what forum I should ask this in so I'll just drop it here. As a recent switcher to Linux, I was somewhat dismayed by Zone Builder's lack of support for anything other than Windows. Not only does it hiccup in WINE every time I try to load more than one map consecutively (I...
  3. eblu

    SRB2 Ubuntu PPA needs updating

    Hey. After a bit of distro-hopping I tried to re-install SRB2 via the official Linux method on the website but following the instructions gives me this: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stjr/srb2 [sudo] password for eblu: The premiere apt repository for Sonic Robo Blast 2, a 3D Sonic the...