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  1. MellowJacket

    Marathon Run best times

    With SRB2's new 2.2.5 update, a new Marathon mode has been added to the game that times a full game run. And I figure it would be interesting to record our best Marathon run times in one place in two categories, no emeralds, and all emeralds. To enter, just do a full Marathon Run with the...
  2. MellowJacket

    Sonic Classic 2

    So this is a fangame I've been loosely aware of for a long time. Starting development 8 years ago after the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog Classic. I more or less forgot about this fangame, but a new trailer recently showed off a full set of zones, and extras. While pinning the...
  3. MellowJacket

    ULDC: February - April 2020

    Welcome to the Unofficial Level Design Collab, otherwise just called "ULDC". A bit of an experiment in trying to get people to map together, give each other feedback and really go out of their way to help each other out. Whether you're a first-time mapper or an old veteran you're welcome to join...
  4. MellowJacket

    The OLDC - and what to do in future

    It's been over a month since SRB2 2.2 was released now, and it feels like almost every day someone asks on the official Discord server if the OLDC is coming back myself included. Well, instead of waiting around for an OLDC, why not become the change you want to see. I'd be willing to have an...
  5. MellowJacket

    Fixed Elemental shield not protecting from Brak Eggman attacks correctly

    See thread title. Black Eggman's flamethrower doesn't appear to be doing fire damage and will damage through an elemental shield that is supposed to give fire immunity. Conversely, the elemental shield provides immunity to Black Eggman's electric shield and I don't think electricity counts as...
  6. MellowJacket

    Invalid Sonic can be trapped in the Heart emblem room in Forest Fortress Zone

    Sonic can enter the heart emblem room in Fortress Fortress Zone, but is unable to leave without flying. This renders him trapped if the player is not using Sonic & Tails to have the option to carry him away. The doorway to the left leads to an empty room that offers no way out. The only to...
  7. MellowJacket


    This is a game, people are playing it (myself included), it's pretty good. I've been playing this a fair bit over the past few days, primarily as Pharah, Mei, D.Va, Reihnhardt, Mercy and Zenyatta. And having a really damn good time. Discuss. Post battletags for friendly team ups. Post your...
  8. MellowJacket

    Boss rush mode! (Egg Gauntlet)

    Hello! After many delays due to Boring Adult Things™ I've finally gotten around to finishing off this map. Go fight all the bosses one after another, with only three rings to keep yourself alive. Are you extreme enough to clear the Egg Gauntlet? (Unfortunately, for those who kept track of my...
  9. MellowJacket

    SEGA to make ROM hacks sharable through Steam Workshop

    It's true! Really! This is pretty big news! And rather curious, I have no idea what SEGA is doing but I'll pay attention to this and see where it goes. No idea what (if anything) the catch is either. Also I guess there's the SEGA Mega Drive classics hub, but that's small news compared to this...
  10. MellowJacket

    Xcom 2

    So, this is a game I've been excited about for some time now. Because I enjoy me some difficult turn based strategy with permadeath in full effect. And I've enjoyed the series since it's early days back in the 90s. Gameplay trailer Is anyone else here interested in this game? Because if so...
  11. MellowJacket

    Blood Bowl 2

    This is a pretty niche game, it's literally fantasy football in the warhammer setting, complete with an incredibly British sense of humour. Based on the tabletop game of the same name. And I really enjoyed the first Blood Bowl! No really, it's a real thing. But yes, when the game comes out in...
  12. MellowJacket

    bobbing FOFs sharing the same sector tag in ERZ2

    This is a really minor bug, but I just noticed it. The floating platforms in this room share the same sector tag, so they all bounce in unison when one is stepped on.
  13. MellowJacket

    Unable to move camera up or down with mouse

    See topic title, this is occuring in the latest version of SRB2. But the bug is not present in srb2dd.exe I am on Windows 8.1, I can provide full system info if necessary. And I have checked my controls and they are all correctly set up.
  14. MellowJacket

    Tabletop RPGs

    So, me and Chase were talking about tabletop RPGs in #srb2fun earlier and sharing various stories, and I know a few other people in this community have played them before as well. I was wondering if people here are interested in playing a few games in future on irc. I'd be happy to run games if...
  15. MellowJacket

    Whackjood's level design shenanigans

    I see the general screenshots/video thread is dead and closed, so I may as well join the thread bandwagon! All projects here will be worked on at my typical slow pace. So don't get your hopes up :V Current project Boss Rush map - I am still working on this! But my life was busy for a while, so...
  16. MellowJacket

    HabitRPG - Gamify your life

    This is a goofy little browser based RPG I've been playing lately, in which you use your real life daily habits and to do's as quests to earn experience and loose health for failing to complete daily tasks or for completing bad habits. It's been pretty handy for me by giving me a little...
  17. MellowJacket

    Need a way to have bosses activate when they see the player and not on level load

    I've been working on a boss rush level as of late, and I'm running into some trouble with the Egg Slimer, Sea Egg and Eggscalibur. All of these bosses activate on level load rather than respond to seeing a player and this is a bit of a problem. Is there any way to change this? And if not, would...
  18. MellowJacket

    Every Sonic game on Steam for £4.99/$7.50 until May 21st Grab it here. This is all in one key, so you can't grab the games you want and gift the rest. But I figured this would interest people here.
  19. MellowJacket

    Fixed Possible to access ERZ3 boss while in reverse gravity

    In ERZ3 if you skip the final gravity swap sector by using Tails' flight or Knuckles' climbing you can access the boss fight while upside down. Which results in you being stuck on the ceiling unable to harm Metal in any way.
  20. MellowJacket

    SRB2's first convention - Crawlacon!

    After several months of feverish planning, I am proud to announce on behalf of the entire forum staff SRB2’s first convention! Crawlacon! Events Opening Show The official welcome to Crawlacon, catch the latest announcements and further details on events for the weekend here! Swiftly followed...