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  1. SossistheNotSossig

    SRB2Plus, and It's possible Return.

    11/7/2021 6:34 PM ET Remember SRB2Plus? Yeah, the thing that I made a long time ago. For those of you who didn't know what it was... It promised to do the following: Changing level design so that levels had different paths along with entire remaps of some zones/acts New Character Abilities 2 New...
  2. SossistheNotSossig

    SRB2 Plus’s.... First Announcement! (FINALLY)

    Jesus... that took awhile. Well anyways SRB2 Plus is how the community thinks the game should be. As this is planned to be a community project after I release the first demo! (that’s if it gets in) The game will be improved in many areas like: - Platforming - Momentum - Better Transitions - A...
  3. SossistheNotSossig

    Sonic EXE V5 Revival Coder(s) Needed

    Hello, I have decided to take a break from krono sonic and work on Sonic EXE for srb2. My buddy AppleBlurt canceled version 5, BUT he gave me permission to revive and continue. Problem is. I'm not mr.code man, I can only do sprites. So if anyone would like to assist me I would be happy to...
  4. SossistheNotSossig

    Krono Sonic Update Form!

    Krono Sonic, soon to be one of the fastest hedgehogs on the message board is coming to SRB2! Yet don't expect him to act so serious! Ability 1: Krono Dash. This makes Krono Sonic dash fowards at a decent speed. If you tap the jump button, it acts like a normal thok. If you hold the jump button...
  5. SossistheNotSossig

    Krono Sonic New Look

    I hab found motivation
  6. SossistheNotSossig

    Game Banana is Bad

    I just looked on game banana and I am cringed out. The mods are so bad there! And they also rip off other mods like alt sonic and sms. I'm grateful about Sonic Team Jr's choice about having a strict code in order to get on the message board. Thanks guys.
  7. SossistheNotSossig

    Sonic sold less games this year

    Welp it's official. Sonic is dying, Sonic Team is being lazy and making bad sonic games recently. Sonic is 4th place on most sold. Dang, what are we gonna do bois?