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  1. K.S.

    [Reusable] Golden Monitors

    Okay, so, first off, there's absolutely no need for a proximity check, and none of my reference implementations nor the 2.2 implementation have them. (The only reason bubbles need them is because they play sounds on popping.) Second off, sparkles have three states associated with them, to...
  2. K.S.

    [Reusable] Unslanted HUD (Sonic 1 style)

    [citation needed] Your numbers look very weird because they seem to have been redrawn entirely, rather than just shifting the bottom halves one pixel to the right. Also, you didn't touch the level-end tally graphics at all.
  3. K.S.

    [Reusable] SRB2PlusC

    This page on the wiki will tell you. Conversation about designing screen fades isn't relevant to this mod, however, as it's a vanilla feature.
  4. K.S.

    [Reusable] Mania/S3K's Elemental Shields

    If you're going to accept some lag anyway, then at least take this as a replacement to LUA_ATRT. local p_list = {} local p_time = -1 function A_AttractChase(actor, var1, var2) if leveltime != p_time p_time = leveltime p_list = {} for pl in players.iterate() if (pl.powers[pw_shield] &...
  5. K.S.

    [SUGOI] Shut Up and Get On It

    SUGOI is now officially supported by the records site.
  6. K.S.

    "The Master Server is having issues again!"

    tl;dr We know. The Master Server's code is old, unstable and barely works, but we don't have the time to make a replacement as of yet. The long story, from a previous post from months ago: Things haven't gotten much better over the past few months. I believe Alam has the Master Server set to...
  7. K.S.

    "Sonic Colors Blast 2" Wisps; relics from a 2.1.0 Lua age! (s_scb_wisps-v0.10.wad)

    "Sonic Colors Blast 2" Wisps; relics from a 2.1.0 Lua age! (s_scb_wisps-v0.10.wad) You probably remember this script; though never released publicly before, it was used in lots of Animated GIFs showing the power of Lua in SRB2 2.1 before its release. Well, people have been telling me to put it...
  8. K.S.

    Circuit Returns - The Cooler Edition (costarring the Stat Adjuster)

    Even if we go back to using acid in the main game, it's going to be damaging and not instant-kill. I don't think a single person on the dev team past present or future likes or has ever liked that "gimmick". I'm not so sure if it works well in that stage though, but that's probably just my...
  9. K.S.

    Thokker - Let's play "Kick the Crawla"!

    Here's an odd question: What's "cpuaffinity" set to? And then after you check that, set it to -1 and check again.
  10. K.S.

    [Reusable] SOConverter

    Apologies for all the waffling back and forth with this, there was discussion behind the scenes about what to do with this. (Unfortunately the discussion didn't come to a consensus, so I'm just going to have to handle it for now.) This does not belong in the releases system, as it is an...
  11. K.S.

    [Reusable] Paper Mario Bros.

    For one, SLADE doesn't do audio conversions, and for two, don't convert sounds to the doom format. It's a completely unnecessary step. Convert your audio samples to 44100hz or 22050hz.
  12. K.S.

    Fixed Wadzip

    It seems a couple people still use or need this tool for whatever reason, so here you go. Wadzip is an old tool made by Graue that compresses WADs into a smaller format that the game can still read (but, unfortunately, that editors cannot read). This is a bugfixed version of Wadzip that fixes...
  13. K.S.

    Tortured Planet v10.5

    ConditionSet 3 Condition1 = PlayTime 10800*TICRATE ConditionSet 4 Condition1 = OverallTime 5400*TICRATE This doesn't work. You have to precalculate the values. The condition sets were coded in before allowing SOC to use named constants and never got updated to handle it (as the code for...
  14. K.S.

    [Reusable] Modern Sonic Abilities 4.0 BIG UPDATE

    Besides, if you don't "trust" pointer arithmetic, stay far away from SRB2's source. Pointer arithmetic is a necessary and important part of C; eschewing it because you don't "trust" it is absurd.
  15. K.S.

    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    Tor is a system designed to provide anonymous browsing by routing requests through series of exit nodes... essentially an advanced "proxy". It has legitimate uses, but there's also a lot of people that abuse the system's anonymity and use it to get around bans and post illegal content, which is...
  16. K.S. - New Official Record Tracker (beta!)

    Submit your replays and compare them with other players! (main, preferred URL) (alternate URL in case the first has issues) lets you submit replays from the game and compare all your best stats with everyone else! No new...
  17. K.S.

    Netcode Issue Reports (Report netplay issues HERE!!)

    Okay, keep any and all netcode issues in this topic. We know there's a fundamental flaw in it somewhere, but without a lot of info we can't do a damn thing about it. Try to include as much information as you can about what was going on. Also, please include your system's locale information...
  18. K.S.

    HMS123311: Remastered

    This goes for all characters. Invincibility actually *does* mean something for super characters, as it means true invincibility in match and a constant chain in single player; so it's important that the sparkles still show up for them.
  19. K.S.

    [Reusable] Lua - Adventure Items Example

    Hopefully last update -- supports the question mark boxes properly now.
  20. K.S.

    [Reusable] Lua - Adventure Items Example

    Had to update this for 2.1.4, because the syntax for v.drawScaled changed.