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  1. huangn

    SRB2 Android difficulty survey

    In SRB2, what are the problems that you cannot get on the Android side? I want to sort it out and try to see if it's really hard to get Android. Note: I have tried the clover enblems problems of ATZ, and it is difficult to avoid injury. On the contrary, AGZ's spade enblems seem to have a chance...
  2. huangn

    Difficulty in obtaining the enblems of Azure Temple

    Can the only Armageddon Shield of Azure Temple be placed closer? This is not friendly to players who can only contact Android, especially those who are making strategies.
  3. huangn

    Sonic Robo blast sandbox game (no)

    At present, the only particularly boring way I play in srb2 is to find abandoned areas and use console commands to live. Therefore, as we all know, srb2 is a sandbox game (not) In addition, two players can be seen in the last picture. I'll see you for the first timeIn addition, two players can...
  4. huangn

    I don't have a computer, but I want to do mod

    In fact, I've tried exagear before. But it will not be used (because the internal file will not be loaded, the zone builder is not opened)
  5. huangn

    I don't have a computer, but I want to do mod

    Will Android get its own wad editor in the future? I don't have a PC, but I want to make maps and characters
  6. huangn

    [Reusable] srb2srv - SRB2 Server CLI

    So, will there be an Android version of this script?
  7. huangn

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    Why does blaze in realms mod die in the last level?
  8. huangn

    Sonic Robo blast 2 Chinese forum?

    Notice: the following contents are machine turnover, which may lead to some errors. Please understand. everybody! I created a very convenient shortcut for domestic srb2 players! Of course, more than that, we may sometimes discuss ideas such as Sinicization. In addition, we will teach srb2...
  9. huangn

    When you throw players into the water while they hang up……

    溺水!溺水!(绝望) 要溺死力!要溺死力!(绝望) server:dark's server
  10. huangn


    有人会说中文吗?我是来自中国的 srb2 玩家。希望srb2以后能支持中文