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  1. Dragon99

    Random dude steals a whole bunch of mods and packs them into 4 different pk3s without credit??

    Don't forget that the mod creator (master from srb2 guy) says that he created srb2 like if hr really did, although is doubtable since that dude has a damn broken grammar
  2. Dragon99

    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.5: Dream Aura]

    Welcome Home, SMS. For a very last time
  3. Dragon99

    Game doesn't send you to your dedicated server

    ElL0, welp this is a fast questions. on 2.1 i was able to join my dedicated server like normal, as a player. But on 2.2 i can't even join if i start hosting, ip, cmd, console, everything doesn't join me to my dedicated server, any solution to this little problem?
  4. Dragon99

    Null Space from Sonic Forces (SC_CM_Null_Space.wad)

    D O U B L E B O O S T This is awesome, better than these 15 seconds in sonic forces 11/10 (that rate is joke)
  5. Dragon99

    Mansion Of Souls - *Horror map*

    Actually, The Best Horror Map For The 2.1 This Is A Great Level
  6. Dragon99

    SRB2 The Past 1.08.c

    That Happend More In Multiplayer When You Select Coop (Sorry it was a late reply)
  7. Dragon99

    Extra Monitors! - MonitorsPlus.pk3 [Version 2.5.11]

    if not make constants (fasts) updates will play much time with this to make angry some people
  8. Dragon99

    [Reusable] Roll The Dice (V8.3.0)

    Nice time for make random stuffs :D
  9. Dragon99

    Extra Monitors! - MonitorsPlus.pk3 [Version 2.5.11]

    After checking this mod i could not evade say ¨this almost taked much time to get¨ Good Mod
  10. Dragon99

    [Reusable] Sonic Smash Brawl

    awesome mod
  11. Dragon99

    [Reusable] Sonic Colors/Lost World Wisps Plus The jump abilities *V0.9 UPDATE*

    Great mod ssg3 im bad in not participate much in the making of this wad but im not much interesed in test mods or a map but great mod i like the wisps in srb2 :D
  12. Dragon99

    Sonic 2 Special Stages

    Awesome i watched this in youtube and im happy of this is now downloable
  13. Dragon99

    [SUGOI] Shut Up and Get On It

    Sugoi is one of my favorites map packs i beated in a single day 100% great work in make this awesome mod
  14. Dragon99

    [Reusable] Sonic Smash Brawl

    Wow this wad is amaizing Good work ManimiFire