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  1. Luminous©

    how do I port lua from 2.0 and 2.1.25

    help please
  2. Luminous©

    my oc in srb2

    I've been planning to make my oc in srb2 below here's the sprite and picture retroacid if it wasn't for you to this sprite wouldn't be made 1626357612 I'm planning to make a character of him but I'm on Android so it's going to be hard 1626357742 he's a hedgewolf (basically a hedgehog + a wolf)...
  3. Luminous©

    help for finding something

    so I got bored of using modernsonic but I found a 2.0 video of sonic ce, I'm trying to find a port of it since it's reusable does anyone have one?
  4. Luminous©

    questions about models

    do 2.0 and 2.1 models work on 2.2
  5. Luminous©

    about the discord

    were can i file out a ban appeal
  6. Luminous©

    help! my Hud is gone!

    so i added my models and the Hud was there, I could see the pointy sonic custom menu and sms now the Hud is gone and i can't see it. the image below is sms's menu 1623810238 here: 1623810240 here:
  7. Luminous©

    this might not go here, but when is opengl es support gonna come to moblie srb2?

    see im only asking this because my phone doesn't support the open gl that Srb2 uses when i use models