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    'LEGACY' control scheme wrt Knuckles Climb

    The 'LEGACY' control scheme doesn't behave as 'LEGACY' did with respect to Knuckles climbing. CAMERA TURN LEFT and CAMERA TURN RIGHT should cause Knuckles to strafe on the wall, rather than only turning the camera.
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    Sonikku's New Indie Game - Bubbles the Cat

    Hey guys, for those not aware, Johnny Wallbank has been hard at work over the past year on a new game. He quit his job to make this and put in a huge amount of effort to make it happen. It's now available on Steam, with mobile soon to follow...
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    Games Done Quick

    For the love of GOD guys, PLEASE put the default controls back to the arrow keys. The evidence continues to pile up just how bad people are at FPS controls on a platformer.
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    TSSZ SRB2 Reunion Interview
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    SSN's Sonic Comic eBay Selloff

    Hey everybody, I'm liquidating my stash of Archie Sonic comics -- too many kids and not enough room in the house. :) I'm just posting here because I thought some of you might be interested. If you win an auction and tell me you're an SRB2er, I'll try to include a little extra something for you...
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    SRB3 Preview - With Slopes! (AFD 2016)

    Muahahahahaaa! I've banned you all! And I'm taking the project back! 2 just isn't good enough... presenting... SRB3!! Grab the latest version of RPP here (link at bottom of page): (no moar DRM for those that missed it many months ago) Get this, too...
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    Canadian Videogame Awards

    The Canadian Videogame Awards is getting broadcast tonight on Twitch.TV live at 8:15pm EST! Here's the link: Charbydizs is going to be there supporting us - hopefully you'll get to see me accepting an award on stage!
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    Old SRB2 Storyboards

    Look what I came across today...
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    Fixed Fall-through switch statement?

    I think this might be a bug: (p_mobj.c, line 7134): case MT_CYBRAKDEMON_NAPALM_BOMB_LARGE: mobj->fuse = mobj->info->mass; case MT_BLACKEGGMAN: { mobj_t *spawn = P_SpawnMobj(mobj->x, mobj->z, mobj->z+mobj->height-16*FRACUNIT, MT_BLACKEGGMAN_HELPER); spawn->destscale =...
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    SRB2 Original Sprite Drawings & Misc Art Release

    I know it's been a long time coming, so here it is: Enjoy, folks!
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    Fixed hw_md2.h - Increase MD2_MAX values

    Yes, I guess it's a 'feature request', but it's easy. This will allow the Black Eggman model to be loaded. Just copypasta! #define MD2_MAX_TRIANGLES 8192 #define MD2_MAX_VERTICES 4096 #define MD2_MAX_TEXCOORDS 4096
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    Fixed Spinning signpost shows old Knuckles sign

    not enough for 10char
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    Fixed Metal Sonic Race conveyors not marked with Conveyor sector type

    In the metal sonic race, the first room with the conveyor belt FOFs don't have the FOF control sectors marked as conveyor types properly. Edit: In fact, the whole stage is like this.
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    Model Loaders

    I'm tired of not seeing MD3 support in SRB2. So I am releasing the MD2 & MD3 model loaders from Wizard2. I hope this can help someone in adding support for it to SRB2. Ideally, it'd be great to see the models loaded into a common memory format so that loaders for all kinds of model formats...
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    Sonic Doom 2 v4.1 Released!

    Got something to keep you busy while you wait for 2.1. ;) After a 15-year hiatus, Sonic Doom 2 back! "What is Sonic Doom 2?", you ask? Think of it like SRB2 v0.01. In fact, SRB2 was built on top of SD2 for several months before it could stand on its own. Been long enough, hasn't it? Mod...
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    Whistler Blackcomb

    Has anyone here been to Whistler Blackcomb? I am thinking about going skiing there this winter, and I am curious as to your experience and what you might think is the best time to go, where to stay, things to do, etc.
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    Fixed ERZ2 - Flat Not Found: FLOOR0_6

    On level startup
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    Invalid ERZ2 - Wind Tunnel - pit not marked death after flame throwers

    X = 4240 Y = 30454 Fell in the pit after the flame throwers and didn't die.
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    Confirmed Change seenplayer from player_t* to int

    Keeping track of seenplayer as a pointer can introduce a dangling pointer when the seenplayer leaves the netgame. A better approach might be to store the player # (seenplayer = player-players) and check if(playingame[seenplayer]) to see if it's a valid sight.
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    The Boss Remix You'll Never Hear Owait, you just did. All credit goes to InstantSonic.