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  1. SuperSonicStyle!

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    Oh ok! Thank you. What is Sweet Spot Homing? And what kind of new effects for boost?
  2. SuperSonicStyle!

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    Oh ok! Thank you! And I'm pretty sure V6 is gonna be a big update to the mod. And I hope your Tails and Knux mods are as good as MSonic!
  3. SuperSonicStyle!

    Modern Sonic V5.12

    This mod is great! The features, everything about it is amazing! Not to be bothersome but will there ever be like Modern Tails or Modern Knuckles? I know you guys are working on V6 of Modern Sonic but I feel like it would be cool if we could get like a Modern Sonic Heroes thing going on? Like...
  4. SuperSonicStyle!

    Super Mario Bros.

    How do I go Super with Mario? This is a really great mod but I went Super with him but I forgot how to do it. Can you help? Also the moveset is awesome!