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  1. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff - the moive (2.2)

    When you Stuck at Home. (if you don't get the joke plz don't kill me :(((( i just tried to be funni) Nonetheless... It's interesting that it took a while for this particular mod to get ported. Although, given how much stuff's in it... I take it that it'd really need a long amount of time.
  2. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Polnyanski Character Pack v4.5 (Gust looking for profit in Kart!)

    "Ayayayaya..." That's all I hear when I see Aya. hue.
  3. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Sonic.EXE [v4.1.5a] (Compatibility)

    OK- Despite the fact that this is .EXE, it's REALLY cool and REALLY wellmade from what I'm seeing here. This is defenitely something that stands out from basic 'ooooh yeah .exe character whoopie' due to all the effort put into it.
  4. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Polnyanski Character Pack v4.5 (Gust looking for profit in Kart!)

    Sanae, huh? Hmm... Don't be held back by common sense!!
  5. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Double Cherry Monitors [v2.1]

    This is a really amazing mod! It's neat that it actually works perfectly in netplay! Not once in the short amount of time that I was hosting did I experience a SIGSEV or a synch failiure because of the clones. It's pretty neat!
  6. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Sakuya Izayoi

    Za warudo! I've been waiting for the elegant maid to be playable, and here she is!
  7. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Ring Hunt

    For some strange reason, when I was hosting this, the number that's supposed to be the total rings in the stage went up. I'm not sure if it has to do with the Electric/Attraction Shield though. When starting Egg Rock Zone Act 2, there was a total of 698 rings, but it randomly increased to above...
  8. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Polnyanski Character Pack v4.5 (Gust looking for profit in Kart!)

    HOLD UP- Now we got STAR BREAKER?! No... Nonono!! Anything but the invisible bombs! *cough* In all seriousness, though... It's really cool to see more 100% OJ characters (or just characters from the games they originate that are also in OJ) show up in Kart!)
  9. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Polnyanski Character Pack v4.5 (Gust looking for profit in Kart!)

    Oh hell yeah! Tomomo is here! Time to roll all the 9s for attack!
  10. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Many Minor Tweaks

    I don't know if this has been noted at all yet but for some strange reason the super cancel key stays as spin even when using the command to change it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to replicate what happened to me earlier, where the super transformation kept spazzing out and I didn't get to go...
  11. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] My Little Pony Pack (MLPP)

    I feel like someone's gonna kill me if I host this, they join, and notice what I added. I'm willing to give it a shot anyways, since I have no regrets and like the characters anyways. (Yes the LeSanae face is necessary, as I use it in about every situation.)
  12. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Golden Monitors

    Oh... Guess I should've checked that before asking.
  13. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [Reusable] Golden Monitors

    So wait, is this free to use as long as we give credit? I've been working on something as of recent and I can see this being particularly interesting for secrets.
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    [Reusable] Fusionha! - Fuse together with a friend!

    Oh wow, this looks nice! The only thing I've done is look at the gif and... All I can really say is that it reminds me a lot of Perfect Possession from Antinomy of Common Flowers, where you have the Master and then the Slave, and you can switch between the two at (almost?) any time. This'll be...
  15. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    [SUGOI] Shut Up and Get On It

    Emerald Help This mod is awesome and all, but the emerald locations are ridiculously hard for some people, including me. I have a Single Player save file with every emerald except the first one. Where the heck is it? The only place I could think it would be in is the first stage of Area 1. (The...
  16. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    Circuit Returns - The Cooler Edition (costarring the Stat Adjuster)

    Ok just realized that I didn't see that the .rar had version 1.0.1 in it.
  17. SD2CSemiFinalVersion

    Floral Road Zone 3- VS Devil Sonic!

    Oh so After the Sequel music is in this? I need to see for myself! Oh and the sprite, idk why it gives me the chills involving Fleetway Super Sonic... its like Fleetway Super Sonic is in a Super 2 form or something...