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  1. GamerLuna2020

    How can I make my own boost script?

    I'm working on an update for my Sanic mod, and one of the things I would like to add is a custom boost ability. I'm mapping it to Custom 1. The only thing I want to learn is how to make my own boost ability using LUA.
  2. GamerLuna2020

    What is the name of the sound effect for entering dashmode?

    I know that the sound for exiting dashmode is "DSKC65", but what about that other sound when you ENTER dashmode? I want to change it in a seperate wad.
  3. GamerLuna2020


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  4. GamerLuna2020

    I'm trying to make a skincolor addon, but...

    When I add in the addon, it shows this: What am I doing wrong?
  5. GamerLuna2020

    Invalid The Super Form Bug

    I can't transform into Modern Sonic's super form. Watch closely: Even when I click on Enable Super Form, it keeps disabling itself. It even happened to Kirby! I tried pressing Custom 3 as Modern Sonic, and I tried pressing Spin as Kirby! But everytime I enable the "Enable Super Forms" option...
  6. GamerLuna2020

    Where is DSONEUP?

    I'm trying to replace the sound effect when you get a 1-UP, but I can't seem to find DSONEUP.
  7. GamerLuna2020


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  8. GamerLuna2020

    Happy Cirno Day!

    Today is Cirno Day! Celebrate the day of the strongest fairy girl in Gensokyo (and the world) by posting some fanart of Cirno! (and occasionally some other Touhou characters)
  9. GamerLuna2020

    How do I make a custom dashmode

    Now, back then, I decided to do a momentum mod, but Real Inferno told me not to do that for my first LUA script. SO... I've decided that I want to make a custom dashmode lua script, different from SF_DASHMODE. So how, is the question. How do I make a custom dashmode lua script?
  10. GamerLuna2020

    Help on my first LUA

    I am starting on my first lua, and I was wondering.. How do I make a momentum mod, and only apply that momentum mod for Sonic only?
  11. GamerLuna2020

    I need help with my first Lua

    I'm learning Lua coding, and I've decided to make my first ever Lua script. Sonic is a momentum-based game. You move left or right, and gradually gain momentum. Sonic Robo Blast 2 has the exact same momentum based mechanics.. but in 3D, and there are some mods that expand on (or at least...
  12. GamerLuna2020

    I need some Zone Builder help

    I want to make a map for SRB2 Kart. But ZB gives me a bunch of errors! Is there anyway around this?! Edit: I have enabled textures.kart and gfx.kart.
  13. GamerLuna2020

    I've got a simple question.

    How do I change the size of "image attachments"?