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  1. LuminousNeon


    Share your thoughts. Mine are as follows: The cutscenes look REALLY good, Roger sounds AMAZING with better writers, just as I thought he would. the music sounds great and this story is looking pretty interesting. THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD And that box art, my goodness yes.
  2. LuminousNeon

    My hunt for decent Bluetooth earbuds

    So, does anyone know of any true wireless earbuds under 100$ that don't have static, cause of the two pairs I've tried, they both have static issues. (Being Soundcore Spirit X2 and Liberty 2)
  3. LuminousNeon

    Pokemon Stereotypes (that might be the right word)

    You really can’t possibly get more “bird” than pidgey, if there is a single Pokémon in future generations it’s more of a bird than Pidgey, I will be… astonished, frankly. Aside from that, what do you think are some other pokemon/animal parallels?
  4. LuminousNeon

    My quickly developing passion for Freedom Planet 2

    So, let’s get the negatives out of the way. Freedom Planet was a great experience for me, but it left a lot to be desired. The cutscenes used mostly gameplay sprites, and after finishing all 3 story playthroughs, I haven't started anymore. I remember being drawn towards the game by the...
  5. LuminousNeon

    So SS HD right?

    To those who already have Skyward Sword HD, can anyone confirm if there is a left-handed mode for the motion controls?
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    The Switch OLED opinions

    good stand. that is all. Thoughts?
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    The E3 Direct happened

    So it's been 3 days and I expected to find at least a SINGLE thread on E3 but such is not the case it seems. SO What are your thoughts on the direct, and what were your highlights? Mine was definitely Metriod Dread. I've been wanting another 2D Metriod ever since I played Samus Returns, so...
  8. LuminousNeon

    The Mario And Luigi Games Soundtrack

    So I think the Mario And Luigi games are quite good throughout the series, and I'm satisfied with where we are right now, though a PIT Remake would've been nice. So the music. IT'S SO GOOD. Shimomura did a legendary job with this series soundtrack and, if I'm being honest, I don't want another...
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    Rogers return and the future of Sonic

    Alright, so most of us know that Roger left and then came back. I am super happy that he's has a second chance here, because he had to deal with bad writing for most of his time as Sonic. And Sonic Boom proved that he had potential as Sonic, so now, with better writing, he can finally be the...
  10. LuminousNeon

    Sonic 4's Music Style

    So something most of us know about Sonic games is that even if the game wasn't well-received, there are usually at least a few songs to like. So, I want to discuss Sonic 4. That game that really doesn't deserve the title of "The Sequel to Sonic 3&K". I quite like the music style frankly, it's...
  11. LuminousNeon

    Metriod anxiety

    One of the most anxiety-inducing things in gaming is when you're on your way out of a silent room in Metroid and the just locks on you. Any anxiety-inducing Metroid moments you'd like to share? (I'm especially curious about the fusion players heheh)
  12. LuminousNeon

    Generations Classic Sonic is underrated?

    So I recently saw this video, right? And I thought to myself... Do people really tend to just praise modern Sonic, when there are SOO MANY amazing things about classic as well? And so here I am. Gathering the opinions of the people. But I'll give part of mine. The music. Sonic Generations...
  13. LuminousNeon

    So about Sonic Omens...

    So I know everyone's been praising Sonic Omens lately, but this video by Splash Dash presents a valid point. Update: For those wondering Sega didnt get mad.
  14. LuminousNeon

    What do you think is the most underrated Sonic song?

    What do you think is the most underrated Sonic song? My pick would be 'So much more' from Sonic and sega all-stars racing. It's such an emotional song for a racing game.
  15. LuminousNeon

    Sonic Move set Concept

    I've been putting together some character abilities for a project I'm planning to do for the future and decided I'd share this to see what people think. It's not fully complete or revised, but it's something I improve as new ideas come. This isn't something that is game-related though. It's...
  16. LuminousNeon

    Starting off with Srb2 modding

    So, I'm attempting to get into making character addons for Srb2, and I was wondering what I might need to be familiar with to do that effectively. I recently started going through an LUA lesson book titled "LUA Quick Start Guide" (By Gabor Szauer), since LUA seems to be a prominent part of Srb2...
  17. LuminousNeon

    Ringslinger in Coop

    Does anyone know the command to enable the match ring slinger in Co-op? I've gone through the list of commands with the "help" command, but I haven't found anything.