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  1. Restless Dipstick

    How Do You Guys Go About Making Teams For Creating Addons?

    Asking this kinda outta curiosity, but also 'cause at the moment, I'm not ready to come back to the idea of making my own Addons for this yet (Focused on a whole different project unrelated to SRB2), but I can't help but know that eventually, I'mma wanna try again despite how many times I try to...
  2. Restless Dipstick

    Tips and Resources for newer sprite makers.

    Restless Dipstick submitted a new resource: Tips and Resources for newer sprite makers. - An armature doing his best to help out newer soon-to-be sprite makers, Read more about this resource...
  3. Restless Dipstick

    Cinematic(?) Tracking Camera

    There's been some snibbits of gameplay I've seen where instead of just being directly behind the player, the camera tracks the player from a set angle. How exactly is this done? (The source of the gif) 1627759508 Update, figured out how, so 's fine to close this thread.
  4. Restless Dipstick

    Any advice for sticking to learning Lua long enough to be able to apply it to stuff you actually want to do?

    Long story short, I've realized my main issue when it comes to learning Lua is becoming unmotivated when it feels like all this stuff I'm learning isn't applicable to the things I wanna do with it, and thus, I fall off from learning it, resulting in the projects I wanna make just falling into...
  5. Restless Dipstick

    Dipstick Trio

    Restless Dipstick submitted a new resource: Dipstick Trio - Two cats and a Tenrec are here to race! Read more about this resource... 1624199340 Dipstick Trio take 2: Zeal can gloat edition.
  6. Restless Dipstick

    (Kart) Game states that sprites are missing when they aren't.

    Okay, this has been an issue I've been dealing with for the past few days, and I still have no clue what's causing it. For one of the characters I'm working on, after a while, inserting certain sprites just makes it decide that sprites that it no issue with before suddenly just don't exist. In...
  7. Restless Dipstick

    Restless Dipstick's Single Player Vote Thread

    First things first, I wanna clarify that this is my first time actually voting in an OLDC. I know I'm not the best person when it comes to explaining just why I think the design of a level, either in terms of visuals or layout, is better than the others, but I'll try my best. Also, the Hub is...
  8. Restless Dipstick

    Thoughts on more co-op related mechanics.

    This is something I think about a lot. For a while, I've felt like Co-op often feels like just going through the campaign in single player, and there just happens to be other players doing the same thing, with the only time it consistently feels like having others with you makes a difference are...
  9. Restless Dipstick

    Thoughts on a new Sonic fighting game in the future?

    I love fighting games. If there's any genre that can rival platformers as my favorite game genre, it's fighting games. So, of course, I'd love to see the idea of a new Sonic fighting game come to life one day, especially since so many characters introduced over the years could lead to many...
  10. Restless Dipstick

    Would anyone be on board with helping bring Vector to SRB2? (Indefinite Hiatus)

    So, a few days ago, I made this sprite of Vector in the SRB2 to get better at matching SRB2's style. I had no intention of making it a full character since I know from experience that I just can't get with coding. Drawing and animation is what I do best. However, someone DMed me about this...
  11. Restless Dipstick

    Where's a Good Starting Point for Learning Lua Scripting for SRB2?

    So, I have no experience in Lua scripting, and I know the SRB2 wiki has a section for it, but it all is a lot to take in, and I kinda dunno where to start. Should I learn the very basics of Lua before trying to apply it to SRB2, or just try starting learning on SRB2 with the project I'm working on?
  12. Restless Dipstick

    Drago the Cat (Recently restarted)

    After a lot of planning, I recently started working on making one of my OCs, Drago the Cat. I plan on making his main gameplay mechanic his Combi-Hook (Quite literally a combination of the Combi-Ring from Chaotix and a Grapple Hook). I'll try to update this thread periodically to show his...
  13. Restless Dipstick

    Any interesting stories behind the creation of your Sonic OCs?

    I'm sure that if you're here of all places, then it's safe to assume that you've made a Sonic OC at least once at some point. I know I'm no different. So, I'm curious as to what spawned the ideas for some of you guys' OCs. For me, I only have one that stuck around in my mind all these years...
  14. Restless Dipstick

    [Character] Bark the Polar Bear Joins the race!

    Here it is, my first ever submission. Been sitting on the idea of making Bark for SRB2 for a while, and since I have yet to make him for base SRB2, I figured that I'd make this in the mean time. It was a time consuming, but pretty fun process.
  15. Restless Dipstick

    Bark the Polar Bear (Concept)

    So, I exist again. This is an idea that's been in my mind for a while, so I figured I'd share it here. I dunno if if I'll ever get to this (I already have a Bean Mod to make, and Mighty resprites to work on, both of which I also dunno when I'll get back to), but I think that Bark the Polar Bear...
  16. Restless Dipstick

    How Would Respriting Work in Submissions?

    Part of me thinks that this is explained somewhere in the forums already, but I haven't seen anything regarding this. Long story short, I've been thinking about making new sets of sprites for the SSN Mighty and SegaSonic Ray wads whenever I get the time to do so. What I wanna know is, if I were...
  17. Restless Dipstick

    How to Code Bomb Throw Action?

    Yeah, I'm back with more questions. Mainly, I'm still very new to Lua scripting, and the tutorials I've been able to find haven't really helped my understanding of how to go about making them, so I'm trying this. If any of you could take me step by step with making this specific bomb throwing...
  18. Restless Dipstick

    How to Create Lumps?

    Hey, so I'm in the process of making Bean the Dynamite as my first character wad, and when reading on the wiki how to create characters, it needs a Lump named S_SKIN. I can't exactly figure out how exactly to add lumps on Slade, so any help with that, or making characters in general would be...