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  1. AtomicRing

    Will the Celeron N4020 work alright for SRB2?

    Hey guys, want to get a laptop, (and play some srb2 on the side), would an intel celeron n4020 work well for the game, particularly for OpenGL? It's just a hobby horse for now, but I don't necessarily want to go without the wonderful models on mb, I've played on a laptop with a celeron N3350...
  2. AtomicRing

    What did you think of Jurassic World Dominion? (Spoilers!)

    Personally I had a great time, I came for the dinos and the characters and I was not disappointed, save for the final battle between the Rex and gigantosaurus, that one was kinda disappointing, it looked more like tag team wrestling.
  3. AtomicRing

    Can 2.2 coexist with 2.1 on Android?

    Can I have both on my device as different apps? Or do I have to delete 2.2?
  4. AtomicRing

    How do I use color mods?

    Good afternoon everyone, How do I make use of the color mods that people have been making? is it possible to use them on SRB2 mobile, or is it just for the computer version? 1648237864 Sorry, I just realized I posted twice.
  5. AtomicRing

    What do you like about SRB2?

    I like the mods that bring features from other sonic games, and the fact that you can set models for the character mods.