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  1. Retrorezzie


    this is one of the mods of all time.
  2. Retrorezzie

    Modern Mighty

    I really like the new spritework!, not to mention the abilities feel very nice to use! the homing slam does feel a bit too floaty, and i think the punch and kick should have a bit more momentum 1661825636 id also like to say, i could probably help out with sprite work if you'd like.
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    [Reusable] Set Emeralds

    for mp??? id say its pretty useful for mp
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    [Reusable] FlowAbilities

    idk if this is much to ask for, but is there anyway for you to release the knux ability separate? i really just like it for knux and would like a way to use just his ability. obv if its too much to ask for then its ok
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    [Reusable] Set Emeralds

    Hey you should (obv if you wanna put in all that effort) add a emerald command for sol emeralds!
  6. Retrorezzie

    What do you guys think about frontiers do you think it will be as good as Sonic Adventure or bad like Forces

    personally, i think itll be great. but not better than SA1 and 2
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    are there any hack and slash mods other than wido the wild?

    i got no clue, id like to either A. find a way to make wido a quicker character since I love the parkour and parry mechanics, or B. find a well-polished hack and slash character that is also fast. ima watch this thread though
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    Anyone know about quick ways to load a list of addons for your dedicated server?

    So I boot up the dedicated server using these: and my issue is when i boot up my server, i can't do something like drag my list of addons onto the program or smt. I hate having to taking like 10 whole minutes typing out each individual addfile command, so what should I do to make this...
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    are there any hack and slash mods other than wido the wild?

    lol maybe try sword kirby? other than that, wido is the only one i can think of thats fun.
  10. Retrorezzie

    What was the first version of srb2 yall played?

    I started on 2.1.X. I guess I started playing around 2016 cause i remember watching a review of the game from a doom ytber. I have loved the game ever since
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    Shadow the Hedgehog

    ik, its so weird, anyways ill find a fix eventually
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    Shadow the Hedgehog

  13. Retrorezzie

    Shadow the Hedgehog

  14. Retrorezzie

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    So I can't get shadow's abilities to work in Battle, anyone know why???
  15. Retrorezzie

    [Reusable] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

    So I wrote this in my review for the current version of the mod, but why isn't there more options for the user to tweak the mod??? Like for example, Tails' ability, why can't you toggle it in the console? Your only option is to turn the mod off all together in the console, which is quite...
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    [Reusable] Junio Sonic

    gotta agree with you, however... i do think that the bullet dash shouldn't have to charge up the distance it'll fling you, since that's a momentum killer.
  17. Retrorezzie

    [Reusable] Sonic Lost World Bounce for 2.2

    Console Commands Update?
  18. Retrorezzie

    [Reusable] Stat profiles

    So what exactly are the stat changes for "what" and "shadow"?
  19. Retrorezzie

    [Reusable] Shields+ (v1.1)