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  1. Pc-98 Fan

    i made a video about ranking some Sonics in SRB2, some feedback?

    If this isn't the place or if I'm breaking some rules about self-advertisement, I'm sorry. anyway, I uploaded this video to rank (not) all sonics: I would like some feedback to improve my video quality and what i can possibly do about possible videos in the future.
  2. Pc-98 Fan

    Modern Sonic isn't working anymore: what this "shutdown" means?

    recently i've been having troubles with Modern Sonic after using him with XMomentum and Sonic 2006 mappack. this appears now everytime i use him: WARNING: ...WNLOAD\VCL_ModernSonic-V5.11.pk3|Lua/ModernSonic.lua:3247: attempt to concatenate local 'num' (a nil value) stack traceback...
  3. Pc-98 Fan

    some models aren't working anymore after i downloaded Manuel Models

    the title speaks for itself: after downloading the Manuel Model pack, some models started not appearing, giving only the 2D sprite. I don't understand why and I need help
  4. Pc-98 Fan

    multiple allies in single player

    I was wondering if it is possible to add more bots in single player (which work like Tails when using Sonic & Tails), so as to have an additional ally any idea if is possible or not?
  5. Pc-98 Fan

    AI becoming player?

    I'm working on a character who has the ability to separate into two different characters, and come back together to be a single playable character. my question is: is it possible to turn AI on when separated and turn it off for when it reassembles together?