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    [Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    I've been unable to start up this EXE mod, because of two .dll files that had to be installed into the game's folder (libcurl.dll and discord-rpc.dll), which did nothing to resolve the matter. Can I get some help with fixing this issue? EDIT: Sorry about that. It was just because I hadn't got...
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    Alternate Match Maps [mt_AltMatchMaps]

    It will be good to see these maps come back in 2.2. They were really fun to explore in all honesty.
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    Wondering why NiGHTS Bonus Stages songs aren't part of the official OST

    When I was listening to the game's OST, I noticed that the themes for the four NiGHTS Bonus Stages (which I'll not spoil here for those who don't like spoilers) aren't within the soundtrack. Is there a reason why this has happened? (Don't worry. I won't be mad, no matter what the answer is.)
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    Orbital Hangar's theme (Grand Eggship Act 1?)

    I was really impressed by the remix of the old Doomship theme used for Orbital Hangar used in Match, and I was curiously thinking about something. I wasn't 100% sure about whether or not this music might get re-used if you guys manage to work on Grand Eggship Zone (which I already know is...
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    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    In honesty, I was impressed by this mod during the time of SRB2 2.1. One day, you might be able to revisit this for 2.2 if you wish to continue with it. If not, then I understand.