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  1. kiwi the leafeon

    Super Music

    you can just look up the music ids and they also work fine because its basically just the tunes command
  2. kiwi the leafeon

    [1.3.5] SRB2 Persona: Multiplayer Demo

    how exactly do you add custom music to the game
  3. kiwi the leafeon

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    you put them in the models folder from srb2 and easier way to find where the models folder is having srb2 be installed / moved inside a new folder so you can easily add things for the game
  4. kiwi the leafeon

    SRB2 Rollout Knockout

    i used to do these fights inside red volcano act one and im glad someone made this an actual fight between random people
  5. kiwi the leafeon

    Invalid Egg Rock Act 2 bug

    no its just an uncapped thing i looked at the original game it doesnt flicker
  6. kiwi the leafeon

    what sonic character do you hate

    i hate big hes so unnecessary in the sonic unverse he literally goes out of his way to join sonic heros as one of the most useless characters in game the fact that hes used just to find a frog that just wants to live its life
  7. kiwi the leafeon

    Invalid Egg Rock Act 2 bug

    at the start of act 2 (moving a bit forward into the level after the small space part on the right side) the white door things glitch out as they reset the animation (i dont know what they are but they just move down into the ground) they just flicker while going back up to use the animation...
  8. kiwi the leafeon

    Game becomes almost all white

    were you using software or opengl
  9. kiwi the leafeon

    Duplicate A bug i found in gfz1

    there was also a thing like that in one part of DSZ2 but i think it was fixed
  10. kiwi the leafeon

    Fang Sliding across the floor in thz1

    i think the only reason that happens is that the character is being slightly shoved into the ground while the bounce is programmed to go up so it cancels itself out and leaves it on the grounded state based on the sound effect things on the bottem right because it doesnt say anything about fang...
  11. kiwi the leafeon

    Fixed ERZ2 elevator bug

    in the end of egg rock act 2 theres an elevator to teleport the player to the goal because of the teleportation if you hug the wall as you're "going up" the elevator then you get teleported above the map instead of teleporting to the goal and you have to use the suicide command to get out (or...
  12. kiwi the leafeon


    ball kirby gets stuck on the ground inside the purple water of techno hill act 2 if you try to bounce from a high place i was waiting to finally post this because the kirby character was not in the message board until now
  13. kiwi the leafeon

    How did you discover Sonic?

    our family got sonic classic collection
  14. kiwi the leafeon

    what sonic character do you hate

    i hate fang